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Hymns for Living  HL   HL Intro    Simple List 
Sing Your Faith  SF    Simple List 
Let Us Sing  LS 
Hymns of the Spirit  HS 
Hull Unitarian Church Christmas Carols  CC 
Hymns of Worship  HW 
Singing the Living Tradition  LT 
No Book (printouts)  NB 
Extras (miscellaneous)  LI 
Hymns of Faith and Freedom  HF 
Books involving David Dawson Notes  DD 
Main organ playing source Clyde McLennan Notes  CM 

Hymn book or people codes Details

  • Organ only is default and assumed
  • 'piano' means actual or artificial piano
  • 'alt' means instrumental variation from organ or piano only
  • 'Barton' means the words are sung by the choir at St Mary's Barton-upon-Humber (with odd word/s different)
  • 'choir' means the words are sung
  • '(damaged)' means a faulty CD track that shows signs of having undergone recovery for use
  • 'extra' demands direction to sing a verse or part again (not 'Extra' as in written files but no .WAV)
  • 'fades' means a tune with a softened extended final note (especially for HW)
  • 'faster' indicates choice of raised tempo and pitch
  • 'mix' means two independent sources of music material to make the on piece, either in serial (and joined) or in parallel (and mixed) or both.
  • 'Penn' means played and recorded by former organist Marie Penn prior to retirement
  • 'process' means extensive music editing
  • 'slower' indicates choice of reduced tempo and pitch
  • 'solo' means the words are sung throughout by a soloist (with odd word/s different)
  • 'tape' means the origin is a cassette tape and involved extensive music editing by default (origins: Penn, Oxford or York)
  • 'variant' means some sung words differ from the book but the variation is reasonably passed by.
  • 'write' means the hymn book music transcribed, or a .PDF, .MSCZ, .XML score or .MID file is subjected to editing, using MuseScore, either in full or in part. Organ output is default, piano is indicated, alt means different or several instruments.
 HL  Hymns for Living
  • The main hymn book
  • All hymns are now covered with the given number of verses. This list changes as additions are made for choices.
There is a new resource of sheet music from Hymns for Living from Hollie Sue Morrell. These are music-source .PDF files made by the program Sibelius, which means that software like PDFtoMusic Pro will turn them into .XML files for editing by other composing software. I have already tested out the resource and made a MuseScore file and an audio .WAV file from one example of sheet music.
SF Sing Your Faith
  • The main supplement
  • This could become the main book depending on use. The church has copies and service providers do not need to provide printouts.
  • A high number of tunes in it are difficult to source. However, given a number of days advance notice these can be transcribed, made and turned into audio played music using MuseScore and Audacity.
 LS  Let Us Sing
  • This book supplement is rarely used.
  • The church has one copy and I keep it.
  • Twenty Six of its thirty nine hymns went into Sing Your Faith.
  • Therefore those hymns are not also counted here, and the twelve remaining will only be listed after requests or transcribing.
  • At present, just two are listed.
    • Service takers must give extra notice for any of the twelve.
    • Service takers need to bring or arrange printouts for any of the thirteen.
 HS  Hymns of the Spirit
  • This was a discovery in 2014 from an archive pile.
  • The church has one copy and I keep it.
  • Dated 1937 and American it shows both Christian and Transcendentalist influences.
  • It also contains many services and responsive readings ripe for updating.
  • Unique hymns will only be listed after requests or transcribing.
  • At present, just one is listed.
    • Service takers must give extra notice for any of these.
    • Service takers need to bring or arrange printouts.
 HW  Hymns of Worship
  • This book is nearly redundant.
  • I have kept a copy and the church keeps enough.
  • A tape recording was made for specific hymns.
    • Therefore individual hymn files were made (and hiss reduced)
    • Most files were edited for tunes in other hymn books.
    • Therefore such files are unspecified regarding hymn numbers.
     CC  Hull Unitarian Church Christmas Carols
    • This book is the white one.
    • It replaced the yellow one.
    • However, the choir support CD for Advent, Chanukah and Christmas produced in 2012 means many carols come from Hymns for Living or from Sing Your Faith.
     LT  Singing the Living Tradition
    • This book is the American one
    • It is of the Unitarian Universalist Association; Boston: Beacon Press
    • Some material was placed in Sing Your Faith
      • Service takers must give extra notice of its use.
      • Service takers must bring or arrange printouts.
     HF  Hymns of Faith and Freedom
    • This book is sometimes called the red one
    • It represents a Christian faction in the Unitarian setting.
    • Hull Unitarian Church does not keep copies for congregational use.
    • There is one copy, but it contains no music.
      • Service takers must give extra notice of use.
      • Service takers must bring or arrange printouts.
     DD  David Dawson
    • Music specialist for the denomination
    • Music Editor for Hymns for Living
    • Joint Editor for Sing Your Faith
    • Organised the choirs to sing nine choir backed hymns
      • CD 1 Hymns for Living: hissy and mono. Stereo and noise removed.
      • CD 2 Hymns for Living: stereo.
      • CDs 1, 2, 3, 4 Sing Your Faith: stereo.
      • CDs 3 and 4 Hymns for Living: close up stereo. Some repeated with choir 'pushed back'.
      • CD 5 Hymns for Living & Sing Your Faith for Advent, Xmas, Chanukah: distorted peaks and clunky switches. Reduced average volume, disguised distortion and switching on and off removed.
     CM  Clyde McLennan - a source of much music
    • Highly Skilled Australian Organ and Piano Player
    • Unique website providing public domain hymns
    • Nothing else like it: a gift to the world
    • Consistent excellent standard organ music
    • His piano playing and also computer tune generation
    • He encourages audio editing to change his music resource
    Hymns are kept as uncompressed .WAV files by default on an external hard drive, and as files on data (.WAV) and audio CDs (.CDA). They come from various public domain sources as MP3s to be edited in audio software or as .MID samples to be edited in music composing software. They might be transcribed from the hymn book. Thus, with very rare exceptions, and with enough notice, a .WAV file can be created to match a hymn number with a suitable tune. These .WAV files are exactly the same size as files on audio CDs; MP3 files expand again to sit on audio CDs.

    Some players now play data CDs with very many MP3s on them, as indeed lists of MP3s play from memory sticks, but data CDs filled with MP3s don't necessarily play in the order as required.
    I make a distinction between two types of editing software. There is music composing, where the highest computer element is the note attached to an instrument with a basic speed of delivery, which results in very small .MID files, or the larger files (with more information) of the .XML format for general swapping between music composing software and the even larger files of the creating software (.MSCZ for MuseScore). The computer 'understands' these files and thus they are small (text-based, in fact) and conversions to audio files are accurate. The computer does not 'understand' any music in audio files, which tend to be large as every detail of the noise is represented. The full size is .WAV, equivalent to audio CD files, and as fixed in sizes and bits in time as the uncompressed picture .BMPs are with space, whereas .OGG and especially .MP3 are compressed audio, and .FLAC is a lossless compression audio more like a .ZIP file. To turn these into notes that a computer can display and read needs 'listening' software that only ever produces a rough representation of the sound, needing an instrument template too.
    Some compositions, from say Richard M. S. Irwin (made more difficult by his use of Spotify and iTunes), or from Clyde McLellan and his associates with small band music, may have .MID output but also use higher quality samples of audio that become more directly MP3 audio files. These are often the 'alt' tunes of many instruments.
    When .MID computer instrument samples are used, music composing software can read these for composing purposes and output the final composed product to say audio .FLAC sounds. Audio editing will then take place for a final .WAV output (.MP3 is a compressed version which, like .OGG, should only be used the once, perhaps for distribution; FLAC is rather like a .ZIP applied to music and is not compressed).

    My composing abilities are limited to copying and then adjusting according to how music output sounds. I cannot read or play music, although lately the business of transcribing has inevitably increased my knowledge of music itself.

    My software-using abilities have improved. An early example is  For You Shall Go Out  and another is  Judas and Mary . The scores were then turned into verses start-1, 2/ 3, and 4-end, exported as separate .WAV files and joined in audio editing).

    So the core music scores are also exportable in .XML format, the designer tags in HTML that now has widespread use in such as word processing, spreadsheets, and PDF file writing overlays. Thus these .XML files are read by virtually all music composing software, their application determined not by the .XML extension but by the initial coding in the header. These files contain composing information including that which a .MID file misses. If you view the files you will need to add
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE score-partwise PUBLIC "-//Recordare//DTD MusicXML 2.0 Partwise//EN" "http://www.musicxml.org/dtds/partwise.dtd">

    above the displayed text (copy all then paste into a text editor, then add the above on top and save with the .XML extension) to make them active in music composing software. A simpler way is to right click on the links above and other .XMLs and choose Save Link As in the drop-down menu and thus save the whole file to the computer.

    Another output from music composing is .PDF, displaying the score.

    These .PDF files made directly from music files retain the music information and can be converted back to music files and on to audio files. It requires software such as PDFtoMusic Pro - use the Pro version, even in Try mode, in order to save to .XML for composing.

    For my later ability in transcribing from the hymn book and then audio editing, with explanations, look at HL 207 Mountain Alone write alt [with resultant MP3],HL 110 Guter Hirte write alt, HL 227 Holywell write [and resultant MP3], HL 228 Star of the County Down write alt [and resultant MP3], HL 300 Crossing the Bar write alt [and resultant MP3] or HL 317 Shalom Havayreem write alt [and resultant MP3].
    Acquiring the software, AmazingMIDI by arakisoftware, licensed as Freeware, I am able to analyse music the hard way, back from the .WAV sound that gives no information on its origins except what we humans hear and interpret, yet analyzable by software into a purely digital representation .MID that carries computer instrument information and therefore will appear in composing software and therefore converts out. It's own Help file says:

    Make a WAV file from the Compact Disc.
    You can find a bunch of on-line software which make a WAV file directly from a CD. (Generally, They are called "CD Ripper".) A high quality WAV data is available by using those software.
    ...Convert the WAV file into the MIDI file by using AmazingMIDI.
    Look at HL 038 Erfyniad write piano for how the score changes under this reverse edit process.
    Also there is try-out .PDF reading software to produce a .MID. This is useful because with the non-converting Noteworthy Composer Viewer program it is possible to print its .NWC music sheets to file with some PDF printers (NOT Nitro2) and then the PDFtoMUsic program will read such a .PDF and make a .MID file for insertion into MuseScore. The PDFtoMusic program cannot read scanner produced image files of music scores - the origin of the .PDF must be a music program.
    For a bit of a jolly there is art to .MID software that reads the picture from its or the user's starting point in an image and it produces some music. For i2sm the .MID file needs resaving by .MID processing software (e.g. Evolution MIDI) to become fully compliant and editable.

    dawsondavid.xml  dawsondavid.mid  dawsondavid.pdf. The above picture (.PNG version) was turned into the .MID above by a picture to sound software i2sm as illustrated in the .PDF. It can be loaded into music composing software via the .XML file. David Dawson was an editor and major contributor to both Hymns for Living and Sing Your Faith and he arranged and conducted choirs on all nine choir CDs of Unitarian hymns.

    mclennan.xml  mclennan.mid  mclennan.pdf. The above picture (.PNG version) was turned into the .MID above by i2sm as illustrated in the .PDF. Clyde McLennan, with his fantastic resource of free backing music files for small churchesClick now for small churches music website (Europe) is the original player of many organ and some piano played pieces.

    The Hymns and Songs

    HL 001 Little Cornard Penn
    HL 001 Little Cornard
    HL 002 Werde Munter Penn
    HL 002 Werde Munter
    HL 003 St Theodulph choir
    HL 003 St Theodulph Penn
    HL 003 St Theodulph piano
    HL 003 St Theodulph
    HL 004 Old 124th
    HL 005 Rodmell
    HL 006 O Fillii et Filliae
    HL 007 Ombersley choir
    HL 007 Ombersley piano
    HL 007 Ombersley
    HL 008 Winchester New choir
    HL 008 Winchester New
    HL 009 Golden Wheat choir
    HL 010 Angels Song
    HL 011 All for Jesus choir
    HL 011 All for Jesus
    HL 012 Farley Castle
    HL 012 Penitentia
    HL 012 Toulon piano
    HL 012 Toulon
    HL 013 Song 1 choir
    HL 013 Song 1
    HL 013 Yorkshire alt
    HL 013 Yorkshire piano
    HL 013 Yorkshire
    HL 014 Englands Lane
    HL 014 Rutter write alt
    beautyearth.xml  beautyearth.mid  beautyearth.pdf. Repeats fourth line of every verse, and last line of fourth verse.
    HL 015 Old 120th choir process 21
    HL 015 Old 120th piano
    HL 015 Old 120th
    HL 016 St Bavon
    HL 017 Kremser choir process 21
    HL 017 Kremser
    HL 018 Kremser choir process. With added echo.
    HL 018 Kremser choir
    HL 018 Kremser
    HL 019 Nun Danket solo variant
    HL 019 Nun Danket
    HL 020 Wentworth piano
    HL 020 Wentworth
    HL 021 Gwalchmai
    HL 022 Salzburg Hintze
    HL 023 Stabat Mater
    HL 024 Monkland
    HL 025 Mainzer
    HL 026 St Agnes Durham choir process 21
    HL 026 St Agnes Durham choir 123
    HL 026 St Agnes Dykes
    HL 026 St Agnes Dykes
    HL 026 Graefenberg
    HL 027 Christus Der Ist Mein Leben
    HL 028 Gauntlett choir
    HL 028 Laudate Dominum
    HL 028 Paderborn
    HL 029 St Clement
    HL 030 Bishopthorpe
    HL 031 Mainzer
    HL 032 Kum Ba Yah
    HL 033 Foundation choir
    HL 033 Foundation piano
    HL 033 Foundation
    HL 034 Darmstadt
    HL 035 Vienna choir
    HL 036 Abridge alt
    HL 036 Abridge choir tape
    Improved by speeding up using variable speed change at fixed 20% (no variance).
    HL 036 Abridge Penn
    HL 036 Abridge
    HL 037 Duke Street choir
    HL 037 Duke Street Penn
    HL 038 Erfyniad alt 01
    HL 038 Erfyniad alt 02
    HL 038 Erfyniad write piano
    A sample erfyniadfirst.xml  erfyniadfirst.mid and erfyniadfirst.pdf that was made into an .OGG file, then slowed in tempo and lowered in pitch and repeated three times for the .WAV above to go on to a CD; but this resultant .WAV was processed back to a .MID and this is shown as erfyniadsecond.xml  erfyniadsecond.mid and erfyniadsecond.pdf
    HL 038 Eventide piano
    HL 039 Mossdale write
    heresmaiden.xml  heresmaiden.mid  heresmaiden.pdf © music David Dawson.
    HL 039 O Grosser Gott
    HL 039 Sweet Hour
    HL 040 Cross of Jesus faster higher
    HL 040 Cross of Jesus
    HL 040 Sharon choir
    HL 040 Sharon Penn
    HL 040 Sharon
    HL 041 Donne Secours Penn
    HL 041 Pevensey
    HL 042 Cruger choir tape write
    HL 042 Cruger choir
    HL 042 Cruger Penn
    HL 042 Cruger piano
    HL 042 Cruger
    HL 043 Mati Sveta choir process 21
    HL 043 Mati Sveta Penn
    HL 044 Posen Penn
    HL 044 Posen
    HL 045 Down Ampney alt
    HL 045 Down Ampney Barton
    HL 045 Down Ampney choir process 21
    HL 045 Down Ampney piano
    HL 045 Down Ampney solo
    HL 046 Carlisle choir process 21
    HL 046 Carlisle Penn
    HL 047 Stracathro Penn
    HL 047 Stracathro
    HL 048 Birmingham
    HL 048 Cliff Town
    HL 048 Parting
    HL 049 Truro
    HL 050 Melcombe
    HL 051 Stuttgart piano
    HL 051 Stuttgart
    HL 052 Manchester College choir tape
    HL 053 Daniel
    HL 053 Rimington
    HL 053 Saxby piano
    HL 053 Tallis Canon
    HL 054 The Call
    HL 054 The Pleyels
    HL 055 Horsley alt
    HL 055 Horsley piano
    HL 055 Horsley
    HL 056 Faithfulness write piano
    faithfulness.xml  faithfulness.mid  faithfulness.pdf. Sample rewritten to fit the lyrics including time changes.
    HL 056 Morning Star
    HL 056 Strength and Stay
    HL 057 Sandys
    HL 058 Caithness Penn
    HL 058 Caithness
    HL 059 Love Divine
    HL 059 Marching Penn
    HL 059 Marching
    HL 059 Stuttgart piano slower
    HL 059 Stuttgart
    HL 059 Sussex write alt
    sussex.xml  sussex.mid  sussex.pdf. Resultant .WAV file for CD burning is two OGG outputs of varied instruments from MuseScore with multitrack audio editing in Audacity.
    HL 059 Sussex
    HL 060 Beatitudo choir
    HL 060 Beatitudo Penn
    HL 061 St Cecilia
    HL 062 London New
    HL 063 Buckland alt
    HL 063 Buckland
    HL 064 Old Hundredth choir mix
    HL 064 Old Hundredth choir
    HL 065 St Anne choir variant. Fourth verse variant words: 'Bears all its sons away/ They fly forgotten as a dream...'
    HL 065 St Anne
    HL 066 Crimond 01
    HL 066 Crimond 02
    HL 066 Crimond choir 01
    HL 066 Crimond choir 02
    HL 066 Crimond choir piano
    HL 066 Crimond choir process. With added echo.
    HL 066 Crimond piano 01
    HL 066 Crimond piano 02
    HL 066 Crimond solo
    HL 067 Llef
    HL 068 St Columba choir
    HL 068 St Columba
    HL 069 Leoni choir
    HL 070 Hanover piano
    HL 070 Hanover
    HL 071 Lobe Den Herren alt solo
    HL 071 Lobe Den Herren choir tape
    HL 071 Lobe Den Herren F
    HL 071 Lobe Den Herren G
    HL 071 Lobe Den Herren piano organ
    HL 072 Luckington choir process 21
    HL 072 Luckington choir
    HL 073 Ein Feste Burg Piano Organ
    HL 074 Ein Feste Burg Piano Organ
    HL 075 Austria
    HL 076 St Denio choir process 21
    Extra material here: stdenio.xml  stdenioall.pdf The .XML (including double play) was derived from a .PDF file with a little editing and text added; the resultant .PDF is exactly that music-composed file as .PDF joined to a text .PDF of the final three verses.
    HL 077 Dominus Regit Me piano
    HL 078 Evelyns choir
    HL 079 Sine Nomine choir
    HL 079 Sine Nomine
    HL 080 Engelberg choir piano
    HL 081 Wachet Auf
    HL 082 Besancon Carol choir piano
    HL 083 Carol choir piano
    HL 084 Ilkley Moor Batat choir alt
    HL 084 Winchester Old choir
    HL 085 Forest Green choir piano
    HL 086 Cranham
    HL 086 Lawnswood write alt
    lawnswood.xml  lawnswood.mid  lawnswood.pdf  lawnswood.mp3 © music David Dawson. Audio editing includes multitrack stretching of final lines. MP3 available!
    HL 087 Cranham choir
    HL 088 Stille Nacht choir piano
    HL 088 Stille Nacht piano
    HL 089 Forest Green alt
    HL 090 Mendelssohn choir piano
    HL 091 Noel choir
    HL 092 First Nowell choir piano
    HL 093 Branle De LOfficial choir alt
    HL 093 Branle De LOfficial choir piano
    HL 094 Church Triumphant choir piano
    HL 095 Adeste Fideles choir
    HL 095 Adeste Fideles
    HL 096 Antioch choir piano
    HL 096 Antioch
    HL 097 Solothurn choir piano
    HL 098 Gonfalon Royal
    HL 099 Kingsfold choir
    HL 100 Kas Dziedaja piano
    HL 101 Repton choir 1 2 5
    HL 101 Repton choir mix. A combination of Repton choir speeded 1 2 5 and approximately restored Clyde McLennan for 3 and 4.
    HL 101 Repton choir mix slower. A combination of Repton choir 1 2 5 and held-note slowed Clyde McLennan for 3 and 4.
    HL 101 Repton choir process 21
    HL 101 Repton. As ever, Clyde McLennan, at his given speed.
    HL 102 Cruger Penn
    HL 102 Cruger
    HL 103 Passion Chorale
    HL 104 St Saviour
    HL 105 Hosmer
    HL 106 Victory
    HL 107 Vulpius
    HL 108 Easter Hymn
    HL 109 Melita 01
    HL 109 Melita 02
    HL 109 Melita alt
    HL 109 Melita choir
    HL 110 Guter Hirte write alt
    guterhirte.xml  guterhirte.mid  guterhirte.pdf. MuseScore slower out to .OGG; in Audacity verses repeated, echo throughout, last verse multitrack fade-up, and last verse slow & last two lines slower in Sliding Time Scale; and then to .WAV. Scrapped remaking this music output to .WAV.
    HL 110 Trust
    HL 111 Charity
    HL 112 St Magnus choir
    HL 113 Truro choir
    HL 114 Moscow
    HL 115 St Stephen piano
    HL 116 Lauda Amina semisolo
    HL 116 Lauda Amina
    HL 117 Beethoven choir process. As choir but with added echo throughout.
    HL 117 Beethoven choir
    HL 118 Blaenwern choir variant
    HL 118 Love Divine Stainer choir variant
    HL 118 Love Divine Stainer
    HL 119 Llangloffan
    HL 120 University College piano
    HL 121 Richmond
    HL 122 St Peter
    HL 123 [?] choir
    . Singing's a bit rough! HL 123 Dominica choir process 21
    HL 124 Galilee
    HL 125 [?] choir
    HL 125 Gerontius choir process
    HL 125 Gerontius
    HL 126 Stenka Razin choir
    HL 127 Woodlands choir tape
    HL 128 Breslau
    HL 129 Far Off Lands choir tape
    HL 130 Danby choir
    HL 131 London Addison. Repeats last lines.
    HL 131 Sweet Hour
    HL 132 Spanish Hymn choir
    HL 133 Singing choir piano tape
    HL 133 Singing choir process. Quicker than the original and more distant.
    HL 133 Singing choir. Quicker than the original.
    HL 134 Mit Freuden Zart choir process
    HL 134 Mit Freuden Zart choir tape
    HL 134 Mit Freuden Zart choir
    HL 134 Mit Freuden Zart
    HL 135 Nicaea choir process 21
    HL 135 Nicea
    HL 136 Maryton choir
    HL 137 Pen Lan piano
    HL 137 Pen Lan
    HL 138 Bristol
    bristolhl.xml  bristolhl.mid  bristolhl.pdf. Additional after discussing with a service taker how lyrics can be processed.
    HL 139 Von Himmel Hoch
    HL 140 St Oswald
    HL 141 Alstone piano
    HL 141 Alstone
    HL 142 St Philip
    HL 143 Die Gedanken Sind Frei choir
    HL 144 Wolvercote A
    HL 144 Wolvercote G
    HL 145 Salvation
    HL 146 Shaker Song choir piano
    HL 147 Wareham
    HL 148 Nun Danket All choir
    HL 149 Walk in the Light write alt
    walklight.xml  walklight.mid  walklight.pdf. © Stainer and Bell
    HL 150 Monks Gate choir process 21
    HL 151 Slane choir
    HL 152 Jerusalem
    HL 152 St Patrick. One verse was removed and extracted from the Clyde McLennan original for St Patrick Prayer.
    HL 152 Sweet Hour of Prayer
    HL 153 Ar Hyd Y Nos
    HL 153 Wynnstay write alt
    HL 154 Strength and Stay choir
    HL 155 Herongate choir
    HL 156 Rimington
    HL 157 Belmont
    HL 158 Lubeck
    HL 158 Orientis Partibus
    HL 159 Tallis Ordinal
    HL 160 Donne Secours Penn
    HL 160 Keith write alt
    keith.xml  keith.mid  keith.pdf. Re-edited to closely relate notes to syllables with piano and harpsichord synthetic instruments.
    HL 160 Pevensey
    HL 161 Sursum Corda
    HL 162 Angels Song
    HL 162 Deo Gracias Agincourt
    HL 162 Hereford
    HL 163 Russia choir
    HL 163 Russia
    HL 164 Gelobt sei Gott write alt
    gelobt.xml  gelobt.mid  gelobt.pdf. With stetched final verse slowing via later audio editing. This version excludes the alleluias
    HL 164 Gragareth write
    gragareth.xml  gragareth.mid  gragareth.pdf. © David Dawson. With stetched slowing and fade-up final verse with multitracked echo via later audio editing.
    HL 165 Ellacombe
    HL 165 Kingsfold
    HL 165 Vox Dilecti
    HL 166 Abbots Leigh write piano
    HL 166 Bethany
    HL 167 Aberystwyth alt
    HL 167 Aberystwyth
    HL 168 Blaenwern alt
    HL 168 Ebenezer piano
    HL 168 Ebenezer
    HL 168 Hyfrydol 01
    HL 168 Hyfrydol 02
    HL 168 Lux Eoi piano
    HL 169 Missionary
    HL 170 Angelus
    HL 171 Princethorpe choir
    HL 171 Princethorpe
    HL 172 Westminster choir tape process
    HL 172 Westminster choir
    HL 172 Westminster
    HL 173 Petersham choir
    HL 173 Petersham
    HL 174 Lancaster choir process 21
    HL 174 Lancaster choir tape
    HL 175 Break Bread Together
    Extra: breakbread.xml  breakbread.mid  breakbread.pdf. From Midi at Small Church MusicStraight to source but notes tied shifted and transposed down. [First time I transposed within MuseScore.]
    HL 176 Come Together choir
    HL 177 Amazing Grace choir
    HL 177 Amazing Grace Piano
    HL 177 Amazing Grace
    HL 178 Sweet Hour
    HL 179 Belmont
    HL 180 All for Jesus
    HL 180 Restoration 01
    HL 180 Restoration 02
    HL 180 Restoration choir
    HL 181 St Bees
    HL 182 Niagara
    HL 183 Cuttle Mills piano
    HL 183 Cuttle Mills. Full verse introduction.
    HL 184 Cromer choir
    HL 184 Cromer process
    HL 184 Cromer
    HL 185 Intercessor choir
    HL 186 St Fulbert choir
    HL 187 Lux Eoi choir Stockton
    HL 187 Lux Eoi piano
    HL 187 Lux Eoi
    HL 188 Love Unknown choir
    HL 189 O Waly Waly choir piano process
    HL 189 O Waly Waly choir piano
    HL 189 O Waly Waly choir tape
    HL 189 O Waly Waly
    HL 190 Consolation alt
    HL 190 Epsom write alt
    epsom.xml  epsom.mid  epsom.pdf. Speeded up from the .MID file example and .PDF with second half verse as introduction and an instrument varied last verse - from backing organ to backing church organ - and a longer end note.
    HL 191 Londonderry Air choir process 21
    HL 191 Londonderry Air
    HL 191 Strength and Stay. As with four verses. (Note that each verse has a full stop half way through).
    HL 192 Finlandia choir alt alternative
    HL 192 O Perfect Love choir process 21
    HL 192 O Perfect Love piano
    HL 192 O Perfect Love
    HL 193 Triumph piano
    HL 193 Triumph write piano
    triumph.xml  triumph.mid  triumph.pdf. First use of changed, controlled, speed in the music score rather than play panel, resulting in the .MID sounding like output (and it also varying speed). Audio editing rebalances left channel up and added multitrack echo.
    HL 193 Triumph
    HL 194 Angels Song
    HL 194 Hereford
    HL 195 Ellacombe choir process
    HL 195 Ellacombe choir
    HL 195 Ellacombe
    HL 196 Birmingham
    HL 197 Les Commandmens de Dieu
    HL 197 Radford
    HL 197 St Clement piano
    HL 197 St Clement
    HL 198 Cwm Rhondda choir
    HL 199 Abbots Leigh alt
    HL 199 Abbots Leigh piano
    HL 199 Beethoven
    HL 199 Calon Lan
    HL 200 Epiphany Hymn piano
    HL 200 Epiphany Hymn
    HL 201 Tomorrow is a Highway choir piano
    HL 201 Tomorrow is a Highway write piano
    seegertomorrow.xml  seegertomorrow.mid  seegertomorrow.pdf
    HL 202 Cross of Jesus choir
    HL 202 Cross of Jesus piano
    HL 202 Cross of Jesus
    HL 203 Simeon
    HL 204 We Shall Overcome write alt
    HL 204 We Shall Overcome
    HL 205 St Catherine
    HL 206 Merthyr Tydfil
    HL 207 Mountain Alone write alt
    mountainalone.xml  mountainalone.mid  mountainalone.pdf  mountainalone.mp3. Note: MP3 is available! A whole verse was transcribed and copied four more times with lyrics added throughout on the copies as in the .PDF; then audio editing varied the verse volumes, and via multitracking faded up the volume of the last verse and added end echo.
    HL 208 St Gertrude choir
    HL 209 Blaenwern choir tape
    HL 209 Blaenwern choir
    HL 210 Jerusalem choir
    HL 211 Lubeck
    HL 212 Hyfrydol 01
    HL 212 Hyfrydol 02
    HL 212 Hyfrydol solo tape
    HL 213 Dundee
    HL 214 Laus Deo Redhead 46 choir
    HL 215 Black and White write alt
    blackwhite.xml  blackwhite.mid  blackwhite.pdf. © Durham Music Ltd. Accordian instrument chosen; there are two speeds within the music itself and thus in the .MID. and the final product has multitracked echo, bass boost to 100 and stereo to widest.
    HL 216 Bread and Roses choir variant. A few words variant - singers increase in number.
    HL 216 Bread and Roses duet variant. A few words variant - duet.
    HL 217 Greenside choir piano
    HL 218 Heaton choir process 21
    HL 218 Holy Sepulchre write piano
    holysepulchre.xml  holysepulchre.mid  holysepulchre.pdf. Audio editing further involved multitrack slowing of the final two lines.
    HL 219 St Agnes choir
    HL 219 St Agnes Langran piano
    HL 219 St Agnes Langran
    HL 220 Lehr alt 01
    HL 220 Lehr alt 02
    HL 220 Lehr choir extra verse
    HL 220 Lehr choir
    HL 220 Lehr write alt
    breaknot.xml  breaknot.mid  breaknot.pdf
    HL 220 Leytonen choir
    HL 221 Rhuddlan
    HL 222 Irish
    HL 223 Meirionydd
    HL 224 Battle Hymn
    HL 225 Herongate choir
    HL 226 Finlandia 01
    HL 226 Finlandia 02
    HL 226 Finlandia choir only.Male choir unaccompanied.
    HL 226 Finlandia choir process
    HL 226 Finlandia choir tape
    HL 226 Finlandia choir
    HL 226 Finlandia piano
    HL 227 Holywell write
    holywell.xml  holywell.mid  holywell.pdf  holywell.mp3. Note: MP3 is available! In MuseScore a whole verse was transcribed as Organ with different voices on each stave. Its Save as .FLAC file (outputted as well as the .XML, .MID and .PDF) was edited in Audacity with GVerb multitracked end echo for verse cueing (GVerb on 35.6 Roomsize produces the echo; copy echo, undo GVerb, paste GVerb echo into new tracks, fade in at overlap and fade out suitably, mix and render all). The whole was copied and end-pasted three more times. Then 1.2 amplification down was carried out on the first three verses and then again on the first verse (that becomes a full verse lead-in). Sliding Time Scale slows the last few 'lines' of the final verse. Copying the whole to new tracks, silencing all but the last lines of the paste, amplifying this remainder well down and fading this in with a multitrack mix and render, fades up the volume of those last lines as well as having slowed them earlier for a more naturalistic playing result.
    HL 228 Star of the County Down write alt
    starcountydown.xml  starcountydown.mid  starcountydown.pdf  starcountydown.mp3. Note: MP3 is available! Two verses are treated as one with a full lead-in. A right channel increase and final multitracked echo were the only audio-editing changes. After installing a new synthesiser at work on HL 231, this was redone; this and mixer volume variations in MuseScore are not heard in the .MID - the .WAV/ .MP3 is thus a much better sound.
    HL 229 Schmucke Dich choir
    HL 230 Old 124th choir
    HL 230 Old 124th
    HL 231 Pevensey
    HL 231 Riddings write alt
    riddings.xml  riddings.mid  riddings.pdf © music David Dawson. First use of a new synthesiser for music but you would need to ask me for the audio file and its proper use. Do use the .PDF to assist where to place syllables.
    HL 232 Creation
    HL 232 Firmament write alt
    firmament.xml  firmament.mid  firmament.pdf © Oxford University Press. Note that the clunky harp sound in the .MID is more subtle in volume in the .FLAC output and .WAV result.
    HL 232 London Addison [Repeat the last line in each verse.]
    HL 233 Aurelia choir tape process
    HL 233 Aurelia choir
    HL 233 Aurelia
    HL 234 Bremen alt
    HL 235 Childhood choir
    HL 235 Childhood
    HL 236 Gosterwood
    HL 237 Limpsfield choir
    HL 237 Morecambe write piano
    morecambe.xml  morecambe.mid  morecambe.pdf Audio-editing progressively slows down last lines.
    HL 237 Morecambe
    HL 238 Warrington
    HL 239 Eintracht choir tape
    HL 240 Glenfinlas piano
    HL 240 Glenfinlas
    HL 241 Lasst Uns Erfreuen 01
    HL 241 Lasst Uns Erfreuen 02
    HL 242 Mountain Christian choir process 21
    HL 243 Royal Oak
    HL 243 Rutter choir alt less Penultimate verse not sung, a chorus missed and repeated
    HL 244 Water End choir process 21
    HL 245 Barnfield choir piano
    HL 246 Shonster Herr Jesu choir
    HL 247 Laudate Dominum choir tape
    HL 247 Laudate Dominum choir
    HL 247 Laudate Dominum piano
    HL 247 Laudate Dominum
    HL 248 Song 1
    HL 248 Yorkshire
    HL 249 Brother James Air choir process 21
    HL 249 Brother James Air piano
    HL 250 Deerhurst piano
    HL 250 Deerhurst
    HL 250 Saltash alt © music Richard M. S. Irwin
    HL 251 Streets of Laredo choir (damaged)
    HL 251 Streets of Laredo process
    HL 251 Streets of Laredo write alt
    streetsoflaredo.xml  streetsoflaredo.mid  streetsoflaredo.pdf
    HL 252 Come Labour On
    HL 253 God Bless the Grass write alt
    blessgrass.xml  blessgrass.mid  blessgrass.pdf No audio editing; instrument is synthesised 11-string alto-guitar; © TRO Essex Music Ltd.
    HL 254 Innocents
    HL 255 This is Your Land write alt. Uses guitars.
    HL 256 Seabeck write piano
    seabeck.xml  seabeck.mid  seabeck.pdf
    HL 257 Deus Tuorum Militum write piano
    dtm.xml  dtm.mid  dtm.pdf
    HL 258 University piano
    HL 258 University
    HL 259 Capel
    HL 260 Puer Nobis Nascitur choir
    HL 260 Puer Nobis Nascitur
    HL 261 Sussex choir
    HL 262 Diva Servatrix Bayeaux
    HL 262 Krisztus Urunk write piano krisztusurunk.xml  krisztusurunk.mid  krisztusurunk.pdf
    Audio-editing progressively slows down last two lines.
    HL 263 Easter Hymn choir mix. From a Unitarian Universalist church sing, with audio editing to reduce speed and lower tone, and multitrack adding of bunched and stretched organ to reduce impact of background noise.
    HL 263 Llanfair
    HL 264 Lucerna Laudoniae choir (damaged)
    HL 264 Te Laudant Omnia
    HL 265 Morning Light piano
    HL 265 Morning Light
    HL 266 Tempus Adest Floridum
    HL 267 Ewing choir process
    HL 267 Ewing choir (damaged)
    HL 267 Ewing
    HL 268 Calon Lan choir (damaged)
    HL 268 Calon Lan
    HL 269 Wir Pflugen piano
    HL 269 Wir Pflugen
    HL 270 Shipston write piano
    HL 271 Stowey choir
    HL 271 Stowey
    HL 272 St George Windsor piano
    HL 272 St George Windsor
    HL 273 Gott Wills Machen
    HL 274 Cross of Jesus
    HL 275 280 Bunessan piano extended
    HL 275 280 Bunessan piano slower
    HL 275 280 Bunessan piano
    HL 275 280 Bunessan
    HL 276 Lowbury write alt
    lowbury.xml  lowbury.mid  lowbury.pdf. Harpsichord sound. Audio-editing progressively slows down last line.
    HL 277 Consolation
    HL 277 Dundee
    HL 278 Nos Galon choir Muppets
    HL 278 Nos Galan write piano
    nosgalan.xml  nosgalan.mid  nosgalan.pdf
    HL 279 Le Ping write alt
    leping.xml  leping.mid  leping.pdf. Voices sound.
    HL 279 Le Ping
    HL 280 Bunessan choir 01. Standard presentation.
    HL 280 Bunessan choir 02 slower. Cathedral origin plus organ.
    HL 280 Bunessan choir 03 piano. Swifter.
    HL 280 Bunessan choir 04 alt. Harp and bird imitation.
    HL 280 Bunessan choir 05 alt. Speedy and orchestral.
    HL 280 Bunessan choir 06 alt slower. Slower version of 05 and more echo.
    HL 281 Thornbury
    HL 282 Watchman Dawn choir tape
    HL 283 Morning Hymn choir process 21
    HL 284 Dix
    HL 285 Tallis Canon piano
    HL 285 Tallis Canon
    HL 286 Abbots Leigh write piano
    HL 287 St Clement choir Abbey intro
    HL 288 Ar Hyd Y Nos
    HL 289 Turn Around HUC 01
    HL 289 Turn Around HUC 02
    HL 290 Sarie Marais choir
    HL 290 Sarie Marais alt Repeat last two lines each verse.
    HL 291 Ruth
    HL 292 Rockingham alt
    HL 292 Rockingham choir
    HL 292 Rockingham piano
    HL 292 Rockingham
    HL 293 Mendip
    HL 294 Martyrdom piano
    HL 294 Martyrdom
    HL 295 O Perfect Love
    HL 296 O Perfect Love alt
    HL 296 O Perfect Love piano
    HL 297 Veni Emmanuel
    HL 298 Corinth piano
    HL 298 Corinth
    HL 300 Crossing the Bar write alt
    crossingbar.xml  crossingbar.mid  crossingbar.pdf  crossingbar.mp3. Note: MP3 is available! A sample that had wrongly placed lyrics was corrected with a slight tune alteration to help. It was also transposed down. The .FLAC output was doubled and, via separation, the last few lines slowed, the separated tune before the slowing made stereo-wide, and the whole joined back by multitrack fade out and in.
    HL 301 Eventide choir alter. The wrong text for half a line is replaced by organ playing only.
    HL 301 Eventide choir variant
    HL 301 Eventide
    HL 302 St Matthew piano
    HL 302 St Matthew
    HL 303 St Matthew piano
    HL 303 St Matthew
    HL 304 Ellers choir
    HL 305 306 Ellers piano
    HL 305 306 Ellers
    HL 307 God Be In My Head Davies choir
    HL 307 God Be In My Head Davies
    HL 307 God Be in My Head Lytlington choir
    HL 307 God Be In My Head Lytlington
    HL 308 309 Old Hundredth piano
    HL 308 309 Old Hundredth
    HL 310 312 Winchester New piano
    HL 310 312 Winchester New
    HL 311 Winchester New Penn
    HL 311 Winchester New
    HL 313 314 315 Tallis Canon piano
    HL 313 314 315 Tallis Canon
    HL 316 Penlan piano
    HL 316 Penlan
    HL 317 Shalom Havayreem write alt
    shalom.xml  shalom.mid  shalom.pdf  shalom.mp3. Note: MP3 is available! A .MID sample was transposed down. The .FLAC output underwent no editing.

    SF 001 True Religion choir piano
    SF 002 Was Gott Thut choir
    SF 003 Salley Gardens write alt
    salleygardens.xml  salleygardens.mid  salleygardens.pdf. Audio editing amplifiies right slightly more.
    SF 004 Shipston
    SF 005 De Colores piano. Starting with a .MID of four verses, I used Synthfont to generate a .WAV file, slowed it all down by 22%, added echo throughout, put in stereowide, reduced the volume of the introductory verse and less so to all than the last verse, pulled in by multitracking all verses to overlapping, and slowed down the repeat of the last line by 32%. MP3 available! decolores.mp3
    SF 006 As We Sing of Hope and Joy choir piano
    SF 007 Sunny Bank alt
    SF 007 Sunny Bank write alt
    sunnybank.xml  sunnybank.mid  sunnybank.pdf
    SF 008 Be Ours a Religion alt
    SF 009 Be Thou With Us choir piano
    SF 010 Woodland choir
    SF 011 Prayer choir
    SF 012 Sacramental
    One might use: sacramental01.xml  sacramental01.mid  sacramental01.pdf. However: there is an error in the hymn book on pages 30 to 31 between the music and the text. The easiest to read and likely followed text (as above) has it:

    Jesus said, 'Remember me
    When at board you sit and eat
    With your friends and family
    Gathered in communion close.'

    Whereas the text with music has it:

    Jesus said, 'Remember me
    When at board you sit and eat
    With friends and family gathered in
    Gathered in communion close.'

    I am told the music with the words is correct, and the words only (and so the .PDF above) have misplaced accents in trying to create singable syllables where they don't exist. Therefore, there is provided here, as correct:
    sacramental02.xml  sacramental02.mid [same as 01]  sacramental02.pdf

    Note that both versions above and the resultant .WAV (for burning to CD) provide a lead-in using the central music that is not, of itself, contentious.

    SF 012 Supplication halves. As in each two lines treated separately, with the 'Jesus said' four lines brought closer together. Follows the text only. (Of the three choices, this is the best.)
    SF 012 Supplication. In effect, two and a half verses to sing. Follows the text only.
    SF 013 Ash Grove choir
    SF 013 Ash Grove
    SF 014 Westchase choir Bolton
    SF 014 Westchase choir
    SF 015 Servant Song write alt
    SF 016 Stuttgart piano
    SF 016 Stuttgart
    SF 017 Regent Square alt
    SF 017 Regent Square
    SF 018 Stenka Razin write alt
    SF 019 Sandwick write piano 1 3 6. © music David Dawson.
    SF 019 Sandwick write piano
    sandwick.xml  sandwick.mid  sandwick.pdf. © music David Dawson.
    SF 019 Laudate Dominum Gauntlett
    SF 020 Gonfalon Royal no amen. Last line slows with echo afterwards both by multitrack audio editing.
    SF 020 Gonfalon Royal
    SF 021 Lewis Folk Melody choir
    SF 022 Westminster Abbey choir
    SF 023 Bunessan
    SF 024 A Rose in Winter choir piano
    SF 025 Wem in Leidenstagen choir
    SF 026 Neander choir
    SF 027 Winter Meditation choir
    Extra SF 027: wintermed.xml  wintermed.mid  wintermed.pdf. © words and music Shelley Jackson Denham.
    SF 028 Lobt Gott Ihr Christen write choir
    SF 028 Lobt Gott Ihr Christen write
    lobtgottihrchristen.xml  lobtgottihrchristen.mid  lobtgottihrchristen.pdf
    SF 029 Coe Fen 01
    SF 029 Coe Fen 02. Grander organ for larger church.
    SF 030 Middleton choir
    SF 031 Abbots Leigh piano
    SF 031 Abbots Leigh
    SF 032 Hyfrydol
    SF 033 Rejoice choir Bolton
    SF 033 Rejoice choir piano
    SF 034 Laus Deo piano
    SF 034 Lobt Den Herrn write alt
    lobtdenherrn.xml  lobtdenherrn.mid  lobtdenherrn.pdf. © words Sylvia Storey. Multitrack audio editing slows end.
    SF 035 Sigismund choir
    SF 036 Place at the Table choir alt. © Hope Publishing Company.
    SF 036 Place at the Table write alt 01
    placetable01.xml  placetable01.mid  placetable01.pdf. © Hope Publishing Company.
    SF 036 Place at the Table write alt 02
    placetable02.xml  placetable02.mid  placetable02.pdf. Different tune. © words Hope Publishing Company.
    SF 038 Blaenwern alt
    SF 038 Mile High choir
    SF 038 Rustington. The alternative tune suggested by the Hope Publishing Company of Mile High, the given tune.
    SF 039 Thaxted
    SF 040 For You Shall Go Out write
    foryoushallgoout.xml  foryoushallgoout.mid  foryoushallgoout.pdf SF 041 Bridegroom choir
    SF 042 Fire of Commitment choir piano
    SF 043 Gather the Spirit choir solo
    SF 043 Gather the Spirit choir
    SF 044 Sine Nomine choir
    SF 045 Go in Peace choir piano process
    SF 045 Go in Peace write alt. Revised to sing: 'May the spirit of love surround you.'
    goinpeace.xml  goinpeace.mid  goinpeace.pdf goinpeace.mp3. MP3 available!
    SF 046 Go Your Way in Peace choir alt. UU choir origin.
    SF 047 Fynn Valley write piano
    fynnvalley.xml  fynnvalley.mid  fynnvalley.pdf. © music Robert Waller words © Cliff Reed. The last lines were slowed with some echo added throughout by multitrack audio editing.
    SF 048 Maccabaeus 01
    maccabaeus01.mp3. MP3 available! Audio-edited construction: with cuts, repetition, faded-up volume, a changed grand ending ("transformation" word altered), all using multi-tracking.
    SF 048 Maccabaeus 02
    SF 048 Maccabaeus alt
    SF 049 Beach Spring write piano
    beachspring.xml  beachspring.mid  beachspring.pdf
    SF 050 Rhuddlan piano
    SF 050 Rhuddlan. Actually from two real organs and one artificial organ.
    SF 051 Barden choir piano
    SF 052 Many Names write piano
    SF052manynameswritepiano.xml  SF052manynameswritepiano.mid  manynamesnotext.pdf
    SF 053 Bunessan piano
    SF 054 Empathy write alt
    empathy.xml  empathy.mid  empathy.pdf. Words © Hope Publishing Company.
    SF 055 Francis David write piano. Last line progressively slowed through multitrack audio editing.
    francisdavid.xml  francisdavid.mid  francisdavid.pdf
    SF 056 Holy Manna write piano
    holymanna.xml  holymanna.mid  holymanna.pdf
    SF 057 St Saviour piano
    SF 057 St Saviour
    SF 058 Picardy choir
    SF 059 Ave Virgo Virginum choir
    SF 059 choir 1 2
    SF 059 Easter Hymn choir mix. Two verses with choir and two without.
    SF 059 Easter Hymn
    SF 060 This Old Man choir piano
    SF 061 Love Unknown. Not Clyde McLennan. SF 062 Old 124th choir
    SF 062 Old 124th
    SF 063 Au Clair de la Lune piano
    SF 063 Au Clair de la Lune
    SF 064 Wentworth choir
    SF 065 St Stephen choir
    SF 066 Newfield choir
    SF 067 Duke Street piano
    SF 067 Niagara
    SF 068 Streets of Laredo choir
    SF 069 Finlandia write piano
    finlandia.xml  finlandia.mid  finlandia.pdf. Last line progressively slowed through multitrack audio editing. Words © Frank Clabburn.
    SF 069 Finlandia
    Extra SF 069 Caleb: Abandoned as unsingable. See: caleb.xml  caleb.mid  caleb.pdf. Music © Alan Williams and words © Frank Clabburn.
    SF 070 Mandela choir piano
    SF 072 Solls Sein write piano
    sollssein.xml  sollssein.mid  sollssein.pdf. Words © Stainer and Bell. On the PDF the words are sung vertically double on each encounter. Last two lines progressively slowed through multitrack audio editing.
    SF 073 If Every Woman in the World choir piano
    SF 074 Laus Deo
    SF 075 Duddon choir piano
    SF 076 I Saw Three Ships write alt
    threeships.xml  threeships.mid  threeships.pdf. © music Oxford University Press and © lyrics Estate of Rev. Francis Simons. Includes additional audio editing that progressively increases music volume.
    SF 077 Morning Song write piano
    morningsong.xml  morningsong.mid  morningsong.pdf. © music and lyrics Revd. Myrna Michell.
    SF 078 Heaton write alt
    heaton.xml  heaton.mid  heaton.pdf. © music David Dawson and © lyrics Sylvia Storey.
    SF 079 Beethoven choir
    SF 083 Dix
    SF 083 Nicht So Traurig choir
    SF 083 Nicht So Traurig
    SF 084 Georgina choir piano
    SF 086 Julion choir
    SF 087 Corinth choir
    SF 088 Masten choir piano
    SF 089 Concord
    SF 090 Stowey choir
    SF 092 St Bernard
    SF 093 Lux Eoi piano
    SF 094 Grace Soit Rendue choir piano without. After the introduction, uses the Unitarian Xmas Greeting video of 2014.
    SF 094 Grace Soit Rendue choir piano
    SF 096 Little Cornard choir
    SF 097 Angels Camp Bossa Nova write alt
    SF 098 Maryton alt
    SF 098 Maryton
    SF 098 Olympia write piano
    olympia.mp3 olympia.xml  olympia.mid  olympia.pdf. MP3 available! © music David Dawson and © lyrics Sally Rogers and Thrushwood Press Publishing. Full verse introduction; remember the extra note in verse two.
    SF 099 Ellen write alt
    ellen.xml  ellen.mid  ellen.pdf  ellen.mp3. MP3 available! Audio-edited final echo only. © music David Dell © words Hope Publishing Company.
    SF 100 F W Loving Kindness solo. End extraction (not repeated) from soloist performs a short introduction. Audio edited for better timing.
    SF 100 F W Loving Kindness write piano solo. Music composed verse forms introduction followed by soloist and audio edited for better timing.
    SF 102 Blessing choir alt 01. Musical introduction verse and three verses sung.
    SF 102 Blessing choir alt 02. Drum beat version with vocal introduction verse and then three also sung; with 'may the Goddess hold you' used each time.
    SF 102 Blessing choir piano three. Quick piano musical introduction and then three verses sung. 15% faster than two verse hymn.
    SF 102 Blessing choir piano two. Quick piano musical introduction and then two verses sung.
    SF 102 Brighton Choir Blessing choir variant. Straight into singing and probably best with books open but congregation not singing unless the words are supplied.
    SF 103 Mother Earth choir piano
    SF 104 Name Unnamed choir piano
    SF 105 Easter Hymn
    SF 106 Many Mansions choir
    SF 109 Noel Nouvelet choir variant mix. Full verse introduction using organ music.
    SF 109 Noel Nouvelet choir variant
    SF 110 Olicana choir
    SF 111 Ye Banks and Braes Bolton
    SF 111 Ye Banks and Braes
    SF 112 Sprague write alt
    spraguegrief.xml  spraguegrief.mid  spraguegrief.pdf. Example of using an original .MID through music composing software plus extra audio editing with reverb and merged multitrack slowing down at the end.
    SF 113 Amazing Grace write alt
    amazinggrace.xml  amazinggrace.mid  amazinggrace.pdf. Example of using an original .MID through music composing software.
    Extra SF 114: lerwick.xml  lerwick.mid  lerwick.pdf. © music David Dawson. All examples have the full score plus a lead-in verse and the .PDF shows the complete lyrics as well; in MuseScore the speed was set at 110% for the .OGG output (and not in the resultant .MID here) and then was lowered at -6 in Audacity (and it drops the pitch) so that this made the exported .WAV for audio CD writing less high for singing.
    SF 115 St Cecilia choir
    SF 116 Breslau choir
    Extra SF 117: fewston.xml  fewston.mid  fewston.pdf © music David Dawson
    SF 119 Kings Lynn choir
    SF 122 Meirionydd
    SF 124 One More Step choir piano
    SF 125 Southcote choir process
    SF 125 Southcote choir 01
    SF 125 Southcote choir 02
    SF 125 Southcote choir process
    SF 126 Open the Door choir piano
    SF 127 Open the Window choir 1 2 3
    SF 128 Chernobyl choir
    SF 130 Rodmell choir
    SF 131 Grafenburg choir
    SF 133 Ryburn choir
    SF 135 Cradle Song piano
    SF 135 Mueller alt
    SF 136 Boscombe choir
    SF 137 Corvedale choir
    SF 137 Corvedale
    SF 139 Tenderness choir
    SF 140 Stabat Matar Mainz
    SF 141 St Botolph choir
    SF 142 Golden Thread choir piano
    SF 143 Lobe Den Herren choir Bolton v1 v4
    SF 143 Lobe Den Herren
    SF 144 Crucifer choir
    SF 146 Regent Square choir
    SF 147 Leaving of Lismore choir
    SF 147 Leaving of Lismore write alt
    leavingoflismore.xml  leavingoflismore.mid  leavingoflismore.pdf leavingoflismoreacc.mp3. MP3 available!
    SF 148 Spirit of Life choir
    SF 149 Quem Pastores
    SF 150 Liebster Jesu choir
    SF 151 Buddulph choir
    SF 152 Transylvania choir
    SF 152 Transylvania write piano
    transylvania.xml  transylvania.mid  transylvania.pdf
    SF 153 Passion Chorale
    SF 154 The Bright Wind of Heaven write piano
    brightwind.xml  brightwind.mid  brightwind.pdf. Words © Stainer and Bell. Slowed ending by audio editing.
    SF 155 Tallis Canon choir
    SF 156 St Denio alt
    goodstewards.xml  goodstewards.mid  goodstewards.pdf. Tune available is organ and piano both played by Clyde McLennan.
    SF 157 Dundee 01
    SF 157 Dundee 02
    SF 158 Morning Light choir
    SF 158 Morning Light
    SF 159 Ellacombe
    SF 159 Materna piano
    SF 159 Materna
    Extra SF 161: dickinsoncollege.xml  dickinsoncollege.mid  dickinsoncollege.pdf. Has added echo; © music Lee Hastings Bristol
    SF 163 La Paz de la Terre choir piano process
    Extra 164: minstrelboy.xml  minstrelboy.mid  minstrelboy.pdf. Has added echo throughout and multitrack edited volume reduction at full introduction plus multitrack edited slowing ending.
    SF 165 Walk in the Light choir piano
    SF 167 Flying Free choir alt LA. Origin in Los Angeles
    SF 167 Flying Free choir alt. Origin in Hong Kong - the best one.
    SF 167 Flying Free choir GA 2015. As played and sung at the General Assembly
    SF 167 Flying Free choir
    SF 168 Genesis write alt
    genesis.xml  genesis.mid  genesis.pdf. Slowed ending in the music composition; © Stainer and Bell, words 1969 and music 1973.
    SF 170 Belmont
    SF 170 Lloyd
    SF 171 Something to Say choir piano
    SF 172 Donne Secours write alt
    SF 172 Donne Secours
    SF 173 Distant Beloved choir
    SF 175 Brother Jamess Air choir
    SF 177 Church Triumphant choir
    SF 178 St Fulbert choir
    SF 179 Tenderness choir
    SF 180 Slingsby write piano
    slingsby.xml  slingsby.mid  slingsby.pdf. Last line of each verse repeated by music composing paste and audio edited multitracked last line slowed.
    Extra: yarnbury.xml  yarnbury.mid  yarnbury.pdf. David Dawson composed.
    SF 181 Slane
    SF 181 Toby choir
    SF 182 Singing for Our Lives choir.wav
    SF 186 Ascension choir
    SF 186 Ascension write piano
    ascension.xml  ascension.mid  ascension.pdf
    SF 188 To God be the Glory choir
    SF 189 Christus der ist Mein Leben choir
    SF 191 Woodlands choir
    SF 193 Credo choir piano
    SF 194 Beamsley choir
    SF 195 Sursum Corda choir
    SF 197 Horsley piano.wav
    SF 198 Creation of Peace choir piano
    SF 199 Noel Nouvelet choir
    SF 201 Diademata choir
    SF 202 Herongate choir
    SF 204 Ethical Relations choir piano
    SF 205 Calon Lan
    SF 207 Finlandia 01. More vigour and variation.
    SF 207 Finlandia 02. Less vigour and variation.
    SF 208 Holy Place alt
    SF 208 Holy Place choir piano
    SF 209 Mendip
    SF 209 St Fulbert
    SF 211 Portent choir piano
    SF 213 St Peter choir. Longer introduction added and slowed down the choir.
    SF 213 St Peter
    SF 215 Szekely Aldas choir piano
    SF 216 Schmucke Dich choir
    SF 217 Hebden choir piano
    SF 218 Machs Mit Mir Gott choir
    SF 219 Wharfedale choir piano
    Extra SF 220: pacemcordium.xml  pacemcordium.mid  pacemcordium.pdf
    SF 221 Alleluia Alleluia fours
    SF 222 Building Bridges alt choir variant
    SF 222 Building Bridges choir
    SF 223 Pilgrimage choir
    SF 225 Flaming Chalice write piano
    flamingchalice.xml  flamingchalice.mid  flamingchalice.pdf
    . Full song.
    SF 226 From You I Receive choir medium. Shorter introduction and three run-throughs only via multitrack repetition from the short version - better as an extended benediction.
    SF 226 From You I Receive choir short. Shorter introduction and two run-throughs only - better as a benediction.
    SF 227 Gathered Here choir slower. Vocal verse softer introduction and then two more verses, the slower part of many verses.
    SF 227 Gathered Here choir. Vocal verse softer introduction and then two more verses, the faster part of many verses but edited.
    SF 228 Morning Has Come alt solo. Short introduction, sings "Morning is come", repeated last line several times.
    SF 229 Chalice solo. Three of the verse by female singer, thus one to listen and two to join in.
    SF 229 Chalice write piano
    chalice.xml  chalice.mid  chalice.pdf

    LS 12 Missionary write alt
    missionary.xml  missionary.mid  missionary.pdf. Words slightly altered from June Bell's original (no change regarding syllables). Audio editing adds echo after verses, progressively volume-increases the lead-in and progressively slows and stretches the last verse.
    LS 14 Heres to the Maiden write piano
    heresmaiden.xml  heresmaiden.mid  heresmaiden.pdf © Iona Community. The only audio editing for the .WAV is a reduced volume of the complete verse and chorus introduction and end lines multitrack faded-up volume.

    HS 355 Yorkshire
    yorkshire.xml  yorkshire.mid  yorkshire.pdf. Tune and lyrics available (including for printing out) but music provided by Clyde McLennan's playing.

    HW 030 Repton choir piano extra. With missing verse of HL 101 and some word variations
    HW 040 Darwall choir. With or without verse 2 with its number of word variations
    HW 310 Tempus Adest Floridum
    HW 341 Day of Praise
    HW 350 Bethany Mason write
    bethanymason.xml  bethanymason.mid  bethanymason.pdf
    HW 350 Proprior Deo write
    propriordeo.xml  propriordeo.mid  propriordeo.pdf [Speeded up from the .MID heard here]
    HW 515 Morning Hymn
    HW Dominus Regit Me Penn
    HW Ellacombe Penn fades
    HW Ellacombe Penn
    HW Lux Penn fades
    HW Lux Penn
    HW Melcombe Penn fades
    HW Melcolmbe Penn
    HW Missionary Penn fades
    HW Missionary Penn
    HW Morning Hymn Penn fades
    HW Morning Hymn Penn
    HW Rivaulx Penn fades
    HW Rivaulx Penn
    HW Vienna Penn fades
    HW Vienna Penn
    HW Winchester New Penn fades
    HW Winchester New Penn

    CC 01 Iris alt
    CC 02 Dix piano
    CC 03 Cradle Song alt
    CC 04 Yorkshire piano
    CC 05 Nos Galon write alt
    CC 06 Branle De LOfficial
    CC 07 GRYMG
    CC 08 In Dulci Jubilo
    CC 09 GKW
    CC 10 Mendelssohn
    CC 11 Stowey piano
    CC 11 Stowey
    CC 12 Herongate piano
    CC 13 Cranham piano
    CC 13 Cranham
    CC 13 Darke alt 01
    CC 13 Darke alt 02
    CC 14 Nowell
    CC 15 Orientis Partibus
    CC 16 Antioch
    CC 17 Rocking
    CC 21 Tannenbaum
    CC 22 Adeste Fideles
    CC 23 Forest Green
    CC 29 Stille Nacht
    CC 34 Kings of Orient piano
    CC 34 Kings of Orient
    CC 36 Winchester Old

    HF 105 Quem Pastores
    HF 226 St Gregory choir

    LT 069 Foundation choir piano
    LT 069 Foundation choir

    NB 001 Melita
    NB 002 St Drostane
    NB 002 St Drostane piano
    NB 003 Hanson Place
    NB 004 Londonderry Air
    NB 005 Cassatio write piano
    cassatio.xml  cassatio.mid  cassatio.pdf. This is using a composition of Leopold Mozart to make a new short hymn, sourced from a music textbook. Note that the .PDF text follows as the music repeats, not as in verses. The actual hymn lasts one minute and adds a full lead-in.
    NB 006 My Oh My write alt
    myohmy.xml  myohmy.mid  myohmy.pdf  myohmy.mp3. MP3 available! The music and the basis of some of the words is from the rock group Slade and the ballad of the same name. Strictly for use in divine worship only.
    NB 007 Homeworld End write piano
    homeworldend.xml  homeworldend.mid  homeworldend.pdf  homeworldend.mp3. MP3 available! The music and the basis of some of the words is from the rock group Yes and the end of the long opening track of the 1997 album The Ladder. Strictly for use in divine worship only.
    NB 008 Sicilian write piano
    sicilian.xml  sicilian.mid  sicilian.pdf  sicilian.mp3. MP3 available!
    NB 009 Veni Emmanuel piano
    veniemmanuel.mp3. MP3 available!
    NB 010 Slane choir
    NB 011 Be Still choir
    NB 011 Be Still solo
    NB 012 Hyfrydol alt. Peter Mayer's Blue Boat Home.
    NB 012 Hyfrydol choir piano. Peter Mayer's Blue Boat Home.
    NB 012 Hyfrydol
    NB 013 Stuttgart. A funeral hymn by me: Once of Earth, and Living Truly.
    NB 014 MMaCoYP solo. Angelina singing the hymn of St. Francis.
    NB 015 Melcombe solo. New Every Morning is Your Love sung by Basil Hoddinott.
    NB 016 Stuttgart. Where is God? by Graham Adams.
    NB 017 London Kettering (Extended). God of the Granite by Lizzie Doten.
    londonkettering.xml  londonkettering.mid  londonkettering.pdf  londonkettering.mp3. MP3 available! This MP3 has a full introductory verse, unlike the others.
    NB 018 Blaenwern. Unitarian Community Vow by Adrian Worsfold.
    blaenwernorgan.xml  blaenwernorgan.mid  blaenwernorgan.pdf.

    NB 019 Theodoric. Affirm One Another by Adrian Worsfold.
    theodoricaffirm.xml  theodoricaffirm.mid  theodoricaffirm.pdf.

    See Some Unitarian HymnsClick to see the above hymns written out

    Come Come Whoever You Are. A short vocal lead-in and then one verse through unaccompanied.
    Love is the Doctrine of this Church. Music from Dublin Unitarians but transposed to C Major with a bar time-signature change, and lyrics from the UUA and Unitarian credo, including audio-edited MP3.
    lovedoctrine.xml  lovedoctrine.mid  lovedoctrine.pdf  lovedoctrine.mp3.
    The Spirit Who's Manifest. Music from Joseph Lees with words by Adrian Worsfold, including audio-edited MP3. The variation is in sheet music only; the rest is the same.
    spiritmanifest.xml  spiritmanifest.mid  spiritmanifest.pdf  spiritmanifest.mp3.
    spiritmanifestvar.xml  spiritmanifestvar.pdf
    Lords Prayer Penn Piano
    Lords Prayer Penn
    Lords Prayer write alt (like Malotte) with downloads
    St Patrick Prayer. Made into introduction and two verses. See HL 152 St Patrick for origin of this organ accompaniment.
    Elgar LHG chorus singable piano. [Land of Hope and Glory]



    Adrian Worsfold

    Pluralist - Liberal and Thoughtful