PDF Imposition

PDF Imposition Software is where a PDF set of pages is reordered for the purposes of creating a booklet.

Usually a page size is doubled-up and an arrangement made. Provision may further be made for front and back - paper is put back through the one sided printer after a first print through. Otherwise the output is arranged for a duplex printer (prints on both sides).

Twenty pages prints in this order:

Back: 20, 01, 18, 03, 16, 05, 14, 07, 12, 09.
Front: 02, 19, 04, 17, 06, 15, 08, 13, 10, 11.

The easiest to use freeware for this purpose is Bookbinder, a .JAR file that assumes Java is loaded and active.It is cross-platform regarding operating systems (Windows, Linux etc.).

Open the multi-page .PDF file, choose the printer paper size and printer type (single side or duplex), and note that the software can fit pages into the printing size.

Click on the .JAR file

Regarding an A5 publication:

However, it has user defined book size user defined signature size measurements in millimetres, points and inches. So A4 output can be done as well, and also pages can be shrunk proportionately.

A detailed page for assistance is available at

The homepage is at

My use can be viewed at:

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28120070/Pluralist/learning/relthink/MarAprMagazineBack.pdf and view this ninety degrees to the right.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28120070/Pluralist/learning/relthink/MarAprMagazineFront.pdf and view this rotating ninety degrees to the left.


Adrian Worsfold

Images from the Bookbinder webpage