Criteria for the Essay:

Student Name

Teacher Name


Issues Student Marking Teacher comment
  • Was the essay evidence-led or over dependent on opinion?
  • Was all the information given based on the essay question?
  • Did the information and arguments cover all areas comprehensively?
  • Was the information explained?
  • Was there anything missing?
  • Was the information prioritised?
  • Did arguments develop from the information?
  • Did the arguments show good analysis and evaluation?
  • Was there a rounded, justified conclusion related directly to the essay title?
  • Improvements needed for this essay
  • Targets for the next essay
  • What was liked about doing this work
  • What was disliked about doing this work


  • Using only relevant information
  • Logical thought processes
  • Seeing the connections


  • Correct spelling
  • Sentences read clearly
  • One paragraph for each main point
  • Used full stops and commas properly
  • Used apostrophes properly
  • Appropriate neutral essay style avoiding "I"
  • Writing in own words avoiding all plagiarism

(not all needed):

  • Using books and other paper media
  • Using newspapers and journals
  • Using handouts
  • Using the Internet
  • Keeping own record of sources of information

Time Management:

  • Getting the work done without rushing
  • Edited?
  • Handed in on time
  • Where to change the scheduling?

In general:

  • Red: Needs improvement
  • Amber: Reasonable and improving
  • Green: Showing much skill and improvement


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Adrian Worsfold