Homo erectus lived 2 million years ago, and was the first human out of Africa. Homo erectus put on clothes and was six foot and more. His brain was two thirds our brain size but twice that of chimps. The high energy diet meant small efficient guts. This human was self-conscious, compassionate and emotive. Tools were becoming more complex tools. There will have been basic speech suited to the environment and possibly they were the first to use fire. There was some racial diversity. Homo erectus is now believed to be the source of the Hobbit in the island of Flores and thus means it built rafts to get across from Indonesia to Flores and had enough in the way of language to organise itself. Previously boat building was thought to have first occured 40,000 to 60,000 years ago (to get Homo sapiens to Australia), but crossing from Sumbawa over the Komodo Straits to Flores means raft building happened 800,000 years ago. The discovery in Flores shows a real case of Homo erectus evolving rapidly in a small island environment of scare resources so that it reduced in size.