Before the
Agricultural Revolution

Here is a map of a village at around 1700. It has three fields divided into strips rented by many people from the local Lord of the Manor in the Baronial Hall.

The farmer Trevor Jones has several strips of land in the Open Field System.

The three fields were counted and important for determining what?
What is the geographical feature of this horticulture for each farm labourer? Why is this necessary for his livelihood?
Why might this land distribution be inefficient?
There were no fences or hedges between strips of land. What could be the problems that flow from this?
The three fields could be different sizes. What might be the problem there?
Anyone could graze animals on the Common Land. What was the benefit of this and what might have been a problem?
The seeds were sown by the broadcast method. What was this?
Was the broadcast method technologically advanced?

Click on the image or here to see the village after enclosure.


A. J. Worsfold

Pluralist - Liberal and Thoughtful