The Result of the
Agricultural Revolution

Here is a map of a village at around 1850, six generations after the last mapping. The landowner lives in the Baronial Hall. Recent generations were involved in the agricultural revolution.

The land became used all year round through a new rotation system.

The farmer Peter Jones rents one farm from the landowner.

Did the population on the land go up or down? Explain the answer.
Peter Jones and his family never stops working the land. What were the crops involved in the four-field rotation system that meant it did not need to rest?
What was the new feature regarding boundaries to the farm and within it?
What happened to the common land and the cottages upon it?
What happened to the method of sowing seed?
What did Jethro Tull do?
Identify two other people involved in agricultural change.
What place was there for education and training in farming under this system?
What do you suppose was the impact on some people of the loss of Common Land rights?

Click on the image or here to see the village after enclosure.

Click here to see the effect of enclosures on roads in North Lincolnshire.


A. J. Worsfold

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