REPORT SeeDees: click for first part of three part exercise
by B. M. P. Road
10 February 2004
Terms of Reference:
The relationship between Kathmando Ltd. and SeeDees Ltd. and associated matters within Kathmando Ltd.


I looked at their sales record and some careful research showed a high level of consumer dissatisfaction. We have been dissatisfied with their performance.
2 My first action was to investigate the complete extent of their business, starting with feedback from customers.
3 Further findings indicate a lack of co-ordination between the Sales Department there and their Warehouse and Delivery Department. Simple errors are made to often.
4 The Chief Executive of this company asked me to investigate the relationship between Kathmando Ltd. and ourselves and associated matters within Kathmando Ltd. This firm carries the strapline ICT Offices as we carry For ICT Offices.
5 Their internal problems directly affect external performance. They also affect the share price.
6 Given that we were once unco-ordinated and have experience of change, I recommend buying the company, co-ordinating it's parts and integrating it with ours.

  1. Which is the most logical order of paragraphs?
  2. Which paragraph carries a simple spelling error?
  3. Which paragraph carries an error of punctuation?
  4. What has been the likely direction of Kathmando's share price? Give reasons for the answer.


Adrian Worsfold