MEMORANDUM SeeDees: click for next part of three part exercise
TO Mr F Road (Office Supplies)
FROM Ms S Path (Reception)
DATE 29 January 2004
As you instructed this morning, I have been in touch with Kathmando Ltd. and they stated a mistake was made (yet again) in response to your order.
Kathmando will collect the wrongly delivered CD RWs from the reception so they need too come down here. They will bring the CD Rs in the right quantity this evening.



  1. Which word is spelt incorrectly?
  2. What is a suitable subject title for this memo? Give reasons.
  3. Describe the style of this memo (formal, informal) and give reasons.
  4. Write a memo in the same style within Kathmando Ltd. from someone in Sales to someone in Warehouse and Delivery requiring changes.


Adrian Worsfold