CV Writing: Page 09

Stylising the Optimistic Report.

Here is the importance of word processing.

The document should be edited to keep it as short and positive as possible. BUT the employer likes white space. So don't cram it but arrange it.

  • Centre the contact heading

  • Use indents

  • Use bullet points

  • Keep to one or no more than two fonts

  • Use only a dark grey or red if needing another colour.

Less is always more.

Not like this...

But more like this...

Redaction tells us that a CV of a multi-skilled person that gives the essentials for one type of employer is not the same CV for another kind of employer.

Simple solution: there should be two or more presentational CVs and ordered accordingly higher up.

That's it. The evidence-based skills of the source person, the redacted focus for the employer, and the form in report formula that puts both writer and reader together.

Customer Service? So many transferable skills!

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Adrian Worsfold