CV Writing: Page 08

Making this Optimistic Report.

Above the essential skills: don't put 'This is the CV of...' or 'CV'. We know that. Just name and address and contact detail on top. No photograph is relevant or necessary.
Next placed is the essence. It's those skills that describe the student and their usefulness as evidenced. There might be a sentence on the basic outlook or attitide (can it be made evidence-based?). There might be a career intention, if it fits the employer.

This and other parts should add up to emphasising capability, adaptability and flexibility.
Then comes the Employment list with how the skills benefited the employer. Dates are needed.

Then comes the Education and training and what was learnt.
All the time it is about what can be transferred for the employer.
Finally, for the Notes, the CV shows availability for interview and that referees' contact information can be sent (it is not usual to include referee information and may even break data protection laws - best to seek consent, though a former employer has a task to provide an equal opportunities reference).

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Adrian Worsfold