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The Theory of the CV

An introductory lesson treats clients or students as intelligent and capable (rather than repeat the same 'Have you got a CV' lesson basics all the time). In other words, based on the entry level of students, there is the principle of progression. So this approach would show these three principles.

All documents are like this; all must communicate between source and community, between the self and the readers, via an appropriate genre.
The employer community has little time and many candidates for jobs and redacts the document down to speedily read wanted skills.

Therefore the source needs to get across the autobiography of experiences as briefly as transferable skills within a document.

The genre is therefore to put the essentials first, focused on that employer, and the form used is that of the adapted report.
Plus: employers look for useful, interesting people and get this from useful, interesting CVs; so many are now the product of training on how to write a CV!

Formal document for formal situation...

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Adrian Worsfold