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How to get more people involved? Well, we in the Unitarian Church know the huge difference the Internet has made to a once almost unknown and even secretive public profile: and people do come through the door. So, searches by people wishing to comment, have an input, and make a difference, will search for and find a suitable website with explanation for user involvement and a link to sign up.

But it also needs pro-active methods. It means going out and finding the service users, carers and parents, perhaps using the voluntary sector as means to use those who have already been affected and volunteered.
Whilst some obvious groups through which to recruit could be as these: Samaritans, Warren Community Resource Centre, Hull Women's Aid Centre, East Riding Women's Services, CRUSE, SOBS (Survivors Of Bereavement By Suicide), Friend (Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual), The National Association For Children Of Alcoholics (Nacoa), Council For Drug Problems, Manic Depression Fellowship, Rethink (National Schizophrenia Fellowship), Eating Disorders Support Group, Eating Disorders Association, Family Mediation Service, Relate, Doorstep of Hull, Hull Independent Housing Aid Centre (Shelter)...
...they would not divulge their mailing lists and client base for reasons of confidentiality. And confidentiality and consent is vitally important and an absolute barrier to participation. Organisations would need to make the approaches and then people come forward with no sense of pressure upon them whatsoever.
Other pro-active methods can be to:

  • Develop a poster presentation
  • Groups submitting a proposal for a symposium
  • Present research in an invited symposium
  • Taking part in laid-on teaching and learning workshops
  • Involvement in networking events with peers and scholars
  • Conferencing
  • Introductions to social policy communities

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Adrian Worsfold