Expanding SUPA & Problems Page 06

Expanding SUPA then means listening to the current or former service users, carers, patients and parents and engaging with the pastoral, qualitative, human-relations aspects, in other words drawing on the anthropology of the family in all its functionality and dysfunctionality. There are narratives here to draw upon, including after the events, to find the people who can share their stories into the ongoing training.
There is a danger here: that one listens to the most culturally articulate, when diversity and equality means finding the experience of those less obviously articulate for ethnic, cultural and educational reasons.
Yet narratives can be extracted in sessions using not just a retelling how it was, but involving the arts: even in some cases song, story-writing, poetry and drama.

Of course, experience has to be extracted and joined with more 'objective' medical and practice evidence.

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Adrian Worsfold