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My own experience, for example, involved looking after my dementia-declining mother and having an on-off relationship with social workers and a visiting so-called occupational therapist.

I was on the front line, but...

  • I am also a trained teacher
  • With high level research experience
  • I wrote short reports on residential homes
  • And carried out some publicity and conference-organising work
  • With a high level of literacy taught to others and
  • Worked in study skills support and
  • I have pastoral skills
And I also have a diary record that can now go back in time and track the potential effects of Transient Ischaemic Attacks (TIAs) long before they were identified, in the noted increases in obsessional behaviour before the noticed step-down losses of planning and sequencing and the clear personality change towards the antagonistic and argumentative.
But I shall be honest. The memories are not good ones. Furthermore, my mother's own input to training would have shown strange logic and even fear in unfamiliar places and mine at the time would have been one of I'm sorry but I am too busy coping despite my frustration with social services.

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Adrian Worsfold