Expanding SUPA & Problems Page 03

Where social work and nursing takes place, a co-ordinating person for this expansion of involvement in training can exist. I might suggest why I (curiously) might be one person take this 'former carer-user' role in SUPA as well as suggesting what can be done towards expanding SUPA.

The involved person should have key client experiences and who can:

  • Possess co-ordinating ability
  • Assist towards designing, delivering and monitoring the courses
  • Advise on resources
  • Transfer information from users to trainers and back and
  • Use targeted media and methods for recruitment.

I suggest that I have these skills and abilities.
It is a matter of rights to be involved in social work education and this requires publicity and active investigation to find out what clients or former clients want from the health and social work professions, and how they and their ideas can be brought into training effectively (and efficiently).

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Adrian Worsfold