Key Skills and Study Skills
for Sociology AS and A Levels
Page 2

There are a number of key foundation areas that facilitate doing Sociology (and many other subjects).
  • Literacy is always a constant struggle especially because our language does not have phonetic spellingWhy might fish be spelt ghoti in crazy spelling? and some rules of grammar leave even expects baffled, but literacy at this level means more than spelling and grammar:
    • It means clarity of communication in the subject area.
  • Numeracy is important and this is not simply the ability to do maths:
    • It means presenting any numerical and statistical data that is accurate and can be understood. A level is the beginning of this.
  • We learn ICT by constantly doing it:
    • It cannot be learnt by a manual which has linear logic when use of computer software has network logic
So, introducing these key skills and also basic study skills...