Key Skills and Study Skills
for Sociology AS and A Levels
Page 3

First of all, a requirement is aiming for literacy capable of carrying the needed level of sociology at this level.
This means, principally:

  • Effective notes for own use
  • Writing in paragraphs as training and to present to others
  • Conveying meaning clearly
  • Learning and using technical terms as used in the sociological tradition with accurate spelling
  • Learning authors' names, spelling and pronunciation
At AS level, writing in paragraphs is the bottom line. This facilitates starting to think abstractly, starting to convey ideas and reasoning arguments one against the other. Essay writing means building these paragraphs into a narrative structure.
As for sociological terminology, when we come across new terms, we should not avoid them but note them down, define them and use them. Associate an author with a point of view, and keep a note. Using a sociological term and who was responsible indicates engagement with the tradition. It also bumps up the impression of understanding - and in postmodern society, impression is everything!