SAMANTHA JANTZEN has been found murdered in the Servery lying in a pool of blood.

Samantha JantzenShe has a bullet wound to the head and a knife cut across the shoulder and throat, and the cutting seems to have needed two attempts. A knife has been found nearby in the kitchen, covered in blood but no gun is discovered. It has been taken to the Incident room. Police are concerned to discover if anyone heard the shot, and whether the shot finished off the stab and slice or the shot came first. The body was discovered before breakfast by PETE PATRICK, a guest, who had been out running around the grounds and arrived too early at the servery, or so he explained to the police after he did so to KAREN SMITH. Pete Patrick is a guest who claims to know no one else staying as a guest or any of the staff, many of whom do know each other in one capacity or another.

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