This set of pages is a tour around Bonskeid House. See if you can find your way up and down the stairs and around. [Scroll down]

The only link between Oldside and Newside upstairs is the ground floor. The entrance area is found at the Ground Floor (West) which corresponds to the Oldside, whereas the Newside is to the east. The Ground Floor is where all the function and activity rooms are found.











Entrance area:
This goes to the main front door, reached from the unloading of passengers area, the other side from the closest car parking. In the entrance area is much tourist information for the area and a visitors book to sign.












This is where to collect and give back room keys. Also, come here for all other consultations. The office is not open at night but arrangement exists for making contact in an emergency












TV Room:
Where anyone may watch television. Unfortunately the signal bounces off the mountains sides so the picture may not be as good as at home. This room is also available when conferences may be occupying the Library and/ or Lounge.












This sleeping room is reserved for particularly the disabled and the less mobile, and although this room cannot be reserved Bonskeid House does need to know about relevant disability so that you can be served. 2 single beds.












Stairs to old side: The main stairs here rise up to the older side accommodation on the west side. Beyond these stairs we request quiet particularly between 8 pm and 8 am. In general families sleeping in one room may find themselves allocated rooms at this side.












Stairs to new side: The long stairs here rise up to the newer side accommodation on the east side. Beyond these stairs we request quiet particularly between 8 pm and 8 am. Groups and single people often go to this side.












The Library:
A place to sit (with the most comfortable seats of the House) and read. This area may be used by conferences. There is a selection of books, some relating to the YMCA and its historical associations, and magazines in the cabinets. The fire may be lit for additional warmth when made, the chimney of which goes around the viewing window. There are appropriate portraits and busts relating to the House's history.












Snooker room:
This is the one public room in the House where you can smoke. The rest of Bonskeid House is a no smoking area. There is a fully sized snooker table:
People younger than 16 must be accompanied by adult. There is no charge to play.












Laundry Room:
This is not a public area. When you leave at the end of your stay, bring to the bin outside the laundry room your sheets and pillowcases.












The meals are served here. Breakfast is help yourself from fruit juice, grapefruit, prunes, cereals (packets and loose), bread and toast. There are spreads. Lunch is served and Dinner is served here (soup is available in the Dining Room). The menu is displayed on the outside wall.







Dining Room:
This is where meals are taken. Free round the clock hot and cold drinks are available here. Also the area is available for sitting in and using the tables or just admiring the view at other times.







Not a public area. Please inform the staff well beforehand (for example, when booking) whether vegetarian meals are required.







If there is something extra you need, ask for it in the office and it may be held in the stores, particularly a hairdryer or an extra towel.







Disabled toilet:
For the disabled or elderly there is a ground floor toilet and showering facilities with plenty of space and assistance. This room is a short distance from the ground floor Maple bedroom.







Rooms 25 and 26:
These rooms are not for the use of the public







Non-public entrance and exit area:
This is not a public entrance and exit area







This entrance and exit is for public use and leads to the nearest car parking area as well as the pathway and to further car parking on the in road