Police have made the Dining Area into an Incident Room where they analysed the knives (displayed elsewhere, the gun missing) and interviewed a number of staff and guests

image centred This is the knife that was used against SAMANTHA JANTZEN found murdered in the Servery and discovered by PETER PATRICK before going for a run.
image centred The knife that was used against KATIE CROMWELL who was found murdered in Room 25. It contains the fingerprints of HILARY MCINTYRE, the cook, but no one else. This seems strange. Police seek to know if it was used first, before or after the gunshot.

Although SAMANTHA JANTZEN's body was found first, this is possibly because the Servery is a public area, whereas Room 25 was not. One of the manager's dogs discovered the body of KATIE CROMWELL.

In interviews, HILARY MCINTYRE, the Cook, showed great surprise at the revelation that KATIE CROMWELL, the student cleaner, found in the non-public Room 25, had started a lesbian affair with SAMANTHA JANTZEN. She suggested they might have used a place like Room 25 for their get togethers at least on the premises.

KAREN SMITH tells the police much useful information. She discovered the body of KATIE CROMWELL in Room 25 after a dog scratched on the door. She had much to say. STEVE JANTZEN seemed very friendly with TESSA KING. Neither of them got on with HILARY MCINTYRE, a most awful woman to get on with, though she did reasonably with the murdered SAMANTHA JANTZEN. The murdered KATIE CROMWELL "batted both ways" she said, and was unconventional. She admitted that she herself had had an affair with PETER CHALMERS but KATIE's happened after it was over. In public KATIE was seen with BOB CARTER, which allowed him to really be with STEVE JONES the gay Presbyterian minister. She suggested that KATIE might therefore have been getting deeper into the local lesbian scene. She had seen KATIE with SAMANTHA a few times going towards the non-public rooms, and once KATIE wrote a note in the office to go to SAMANTHA in a sealed envelope but was unsure about what was happening there.

JOHN PRATT told police that once STEVE JANTZEN waved a knife at John and told him to f**k off or he'll skin him like he would any animal. Yet police believe that Steve's past as a bully may also impact on John, and may be why John and ADRIAN MURDOCH are friends from schooldays in Pitlochry.

STEVE JANTZEN is openly devastated that his wife is dead. He admits that the relationship was in decay, and he was annoyed that sh lost interest, and police are unsure whether he is acting or not regarding his surprise when he asked if he knew there was anything happening between his wife and KATIE CROMWELL. He is asked if he will provide a sperm sample but refused though admits to enjoying the company of TESSA KING. He said that the police should not overlook JOHN PRATT if they want someone distant and strange, an "outsider" who is fascinated with guns.

RABBI DAN COHN refuses to divulge any confidentialites about people within his synagogue and proves the most awkward interviewee of all. He refuses to offer sperm or DNA samples.

TESSA KING the Kitchen Trainee is somewhat nervous at interview, and suggests that HILARY MCINTYRE the Cook got on with no one and should be the person the police arrest of Samantha Jantzen. She refused to say if she slept with STEVE JANTSEN BUT said the only good person in the Kitchen area was STEVE JANTZEN. Asked about his wife she called her "a bit queer". However police search the rooms and think this is possibly an inadequate if revealing response.

ELENOR KING tells the police something RABBI DAN COHN would not say to them, which is that something was happening between TESSA KING and STEVE JANTZEN but he did not tell her, only to suggest she could keep an eye on her daughter and her immature tendencies.

BOB CARTER at first told police that he was KATIE CROMWELL's partner but then admitted he was actually with the minister Steve Jones. He said KATIE had had male lovers but preferred female.

REV STEVE JONES told the police that he could not afford a scandal but he was gay and his long term partner was BOB CARTER. KATIE CROMWELL was getting into the lesbian scene towards the end of the college term (where he was chaplain).

SEAN DAVIES told police who asked about their literature that yes Shining Light do believe in the death penalty for unrepentant unbelieving sinners, although they are allowed to repent within the confines of an even defective Christian church. However, refusal to repent is punishable by death, by swift means, although they are also bound by the laws of the country in which they operate. They believe in martyrdom in service for the cause, though this usually means "self-crucifixion" in the hope of their resurrection. They never donate organs. The police find that talking to him is like speaking to a robot.

Pregnant CATHY DAVIES told the police that even walking together the two murdered women were disgusting and deserved death. Death, though, should be carried out by the proper religious authorities in whichever country obeyed Shining Light doctrines. There was no such country yet, she said. She insisted her husband was with her during the interview, though she was not during his.

RUTH HARRIS admits to the police that she never had a good word to say for KATIE CROMWELL known since school. She is a "loose woman" and a "disgrace". Ruth also has much to say against feminists. She is a strong Episcopalian churchwoman and heard of STEVE JANTZEN's religious views with approval, though has difficulty relating to any man as a friend. Men should be good fathers and bring home the wages, and women should run the home.

No other interviewees were worthy of note.

Police discover that PETER PATRICK's flat contains antique weapons which include both guns and Japanese knives, as well as much erotica. However, he seems to have no obvious connection between himself and other guests, nor did he bring to Bonskeid any literature on, or examples of, his hobby.

Police are grateful for your outside assistance in helping solve who killed Samantha Jantzen and who killed Katie Cromwell. The killer/s may be different people or the same person. Police are also looking for the gun that entered the bullets into their heads. The bullets show all the signs of being from one gun. They have the knives. One is a kitchen knife and the other from Steve Jantzen's own collection (from being a butcher) which he sometimes uses in the kitchen. They both have his fingerprints on and evidence of using a metal glove as the butcher's guard.

For more details and clues, see suspects in their rooms. Remember that all the suspects are gathered in the Library waiting for your verdict.

Note: all characters are fictitious. Nothing like this happened at YMCA Bonskeid House. It just looks like a Cluedo Board!