The Vessel

This boat, here
Doesn't want to be in the boatyard.

Look at her Hull:
Well maintained, slim and curvy.
You'll not see a better bottom.
Younger vessels aren't a touch on this.
And this one has a history:
She knows a thing or two.

It's true:
Some this age might only go down a river or along a canal;
A few might even stay at rest in the boatyard.
This one, ah this one, goes out to sea;
She can do it all.

You want to get on board, Don.
Cast her into the sea
And give her a sail;
Get her engine going.

You'll be amazed:
She's a goer;
She's one gorgeous vessel.

Go on, grab her wheel.
This engine purrs;
Her sail captures the wind,
And boy can she move.

She's full of spirit.
She'll take you anywhere and everywhere
For an experience you'll never forget.



Adrian Worsfold (November 2013)

Pluralist - Liberal and Thoughtful