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I wrote a novel decades back. No electronic copy exists of this - it would take a lot of scanning. In any case it was written in the 1980s and would need to be written again as parts became out of date. A second effort was partly lost in the breakdown of the Amstrad 8256 wordprocessor and a mangled copy only was copied from 3 inch disks to the added 3.5 inch drive. It was saved from CP/M to DOS, but the result needs much reworking to exist again. However, I am writing another and after a long time with text added now and again it has received quite a push. Having finished the write-through, it received new sub-plots and characters and then went through a substantial revision to streamline the plot and then a substantial edit. It's now around 1220 pages with footers for page numbers. My method of control, review and editing is in the use of the excellent YWriter, a download of specialist novel-writing software. It might be worth publishing! If you look at it and then return to it later, it will have changed. There is now an accompanying family tree data file.
My interest in the Outlander novels and television series (that I have seen on DVDs) is reflected here. I am a loyal critic: the ideas are great but in the books the later first person and third person narrative switching confuses and there is a lack of psychological depth to the lead character Claire. Television season 1 was superb, anthropological and broad in vision, Season 2 had purpose and focus, Season 3 showed the pain of separation but then went utterly silly, and Season 4 shows what happens when producers take their eye off the ball and make significant plot variants, casting and 'retrofit' rewriting mistakes. I have read the first two books of Diana Gabaldon's, and read into two more. I have book 5 but find it unreadable. I have no wish to buy any more.

I decided to produce the Pluralist Magazine in 2017: a means to deliver a collection of articles mixing topic areas and showing something of current activity or thinking in each issue.

I don't claim to be a poet but this is where any poems will be found.
Some jokes are in this section.
There's a magic trick with cards. It is a narrative of deception. Obviously the reader will want to use the webpages to see how it was done.
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