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I wrote a novel decades back. No electronic copy exists of this - it would take a lot of scanning. In any case it was written in the 1980s and would need to be written again as parts became out of date. A second effort was partly lost in the breakdown of the Amstrad 8256 wordprocessor and a mangled copy only was copied from 3 inch disks to the added 3.5 inch drive. It was saved from CP/M to DOS, but the result needs much reworking to exist again. However, I am writing another and after a long time with text added now and again it has received quite a push. Having finished the write-through, it received new sub-plots and characters and then went through a substantial revision to streamline the plot and then a substantial edit. It's now around 840 pages with footers for page numbers. My method of control, review and editing is in the use of the excellent YWriter, a download of specialist novel-writing software. It might be worth publishing! If you look at it and then return to it later, it will have changed.

I decided to produce the Pluralist Magazine in 2017: a means to deliver a collection of articles mixing topic areas and showing something of current activity or thinking in each issue.

I don't claim to be a poet but this is where any poems will be found.
Some jokes are in this section.
There's a magic trick with cards. It is a narrative of deception. Obviously the reader will want to use the webpages to see how it was done.
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Adrian Worsfold

Pluralist - Liberal and Thoughtful