Police patrol one October night

It was October, approaching Halloween, and once again situations develop which the police on patrol have to encounter.

Having lost his job a man and his wife discuss how they are going to budget for the essentials in life. He says she will have to go on the game.
In the right places she can earn £40 a time just by doing with them for money what he does with her for free. She told him to stop being stupid and asked, "How can we live on £40 a month?" Nevertheless she agreed, dolled up with a revealing outfit and went out.
        She parked at a some distance and walked through the gathering night time fog to this strip club to soak up the atmosphere, so to speak, and had some drinks, intending to recoup the money from rather more clients than her experience with her husband.
        This man had spent his £40 on drinks and couldn't afford her, so he left the strip club just as she was being removed by alert security. She followed him as far as an allotment, saying she could be a bit cheaper amongst the vegetables. PC Jack on beat duty suspected that she was soliciting and decided to walk behind at a distance before he could make an arrest, keeping them within earshot range, perhaps even to find lewd behaviour in the allotment.
        At the allotment the man took a knife out and she screamed, "Put that knife away! Don't kill me!"
        PC Jack decided he'd better intervene pretty quickly. He heard feet running, but then saw her alone. So now he had to find this man and arrest him. There was a shadowy figure up against a shed. He made his approach only to find the man pressing into the internal softness and squishiness of a pumpkin, his trousers lowered, pushing against a shed.
        PC Jack called out, "Oy you utter pervert, I am arresting you for indecent behaviour."
        "What?" said the man, surprised, and composing himself rapidly said, "Has it gone midnight already?"
        PC Jack arrested him and called a patrol car to give assistance and it arrived rapidly with lights flashing, driven by WPC Hingis. There in the beam he saw the prostitute again at the roadside, getting into her car, startled by the sudden police presence. So WPC Hingis came after her quickly with her breathalyser equipment, indicating from the driver's window that she should turn off the ignition and definitely not pull away.
        She pointed out that having started the car was enough to signal her intention to drive, and that she was likely drunk in charge. She told her to get out and blow hard into the breathalyser.
        Looking at the result she said to her, initially, "My guess is that you've had a few stiff ones too many, madam."
        She replied, with a slurred voice, "Well it's got that wrong, officer."
        She took her back towards the patrol car, as she moved awkardly on the high heels. PC Jack was stood outside the car, having secured his prisoner.
"Look," the prostitute said approaching him, "I'll make it worth your while if you two don't arrest me."
        "Are you trying to get us into trouble?" asked PC Jack.
        "No," she said, "I was only thinking of a bribe."
        WPC Hingis drove the two away, allowing PC Jack to continue his beat. He passed a man outside his house packing his car in his drive with suitcases.
        "Going abroad officer," he said.
        "Is it a night flight?" he asked the man, enjoying normal conversation with the public.
        "Are you going alone?"
The man said, "Oh no. My wife and I are going to Spain this year on a package deal. Last year it was Turkey, and the wife got pregnant. The year before that it was Cyprus, and she got pregnant then."
        "You've two children to take as well," said PC Jack. "And it looks like another could be on the way."
        "Oh no! Don't get me wrong," said the man. "I love the children, but two's enough, so this year the wife's coming with me."
        PC Jack thought for a minute and then he asked, "What is her name?"
        "Ah I call her dearest, my love, honey, darling, sweetheart, cherry, you know."
        "Well that's lovely, that you are still in love," said PC Jack.
        "No, I just can't remember what her name is," the man replied.
        So after his eventful day PC Jack had finished his beat. He had to write up his documents for the day back at the police station, just like WPC Hingis, but not before joining her for some time in the patrol car.
        There they were, with PC Harris doing his documents too. He was attempting to write with his other hand, and proving very difficult.
        PC Jack enquired, "What happened to you?"
        "Sexual exhaustion," said PC Harris.
        PC Hingis preferred to stand to do her writing.