Preferring Hell: Moving In

A man died and went to heaven, but looking down to hell saw people having drinks and enjoying themselves in the bar. There were fires and things in the background, but it was hardly the bad publicity about the place. So the chap asked if he could visit, and sure enough he had some drinks at the bar of hell, and even Satan came along to serve him. Then he discovered fantastic rides, like a theme park and all sorts of delicious food. This was so much more exciting than the continuous harp music of heaven, lack of conflict, continuous comfort and blandly happy thoughts. That now looked so boring. So looking up he returned to heaven, and asked if he could go to hell, which seemed so much more a pleasure. Yes indeed he can, but has to have his papers changed. So he had his papers changed by the authorities, and now looked forward to going to hell.

When he got there he was taken through the bar and past the delicious food, and dumped into a vat of boiling oil and continuously burnt by fire. Satan came along and said to him, "Don't confuse tourism with immigration."