Golfing with Jesus

Moses and Jesus appeared on a golf course, unrecognised by those around them, and decided to have a round of golf, playing the local vicar (as it happened), who was supported by his caddy, a member of his congregation. Moses was Jesu's caddy.
        Jesus said unto Moses, "Give me a nine iron."
        Moses said, "Lord, it is 435 yards and you need a wood."
        So Jesus said, "Tony Jacklin did it with a nine iron and so can I." With the nine iron Jesus struck the ball, but it plopped into the lake in front of the green. Jesus said, "Go and separate the water, Moses, and get the ball back."
        And Moses went far and into the lake, separating the water; he picked up the ball, and, having returned, gave it back to Jesus. He said, "Jesus, my Lord and Master, as your caddy I state that you need to use a wood."
        But Jesus said unto him, "If Tony Jacklin did it with a nine iron then so can I." Jesus then struck the ball with the same nine iron, and again the ball plopped into the lake. Jesus again said, "Moses, go and get the ball in the same way."
        Moses said, "No I won't, Lord."
        So Jesus turned from him, and walked the distance to the lake. Thereupon he walked upon the water, stopping over the ball beneath.
        At this moment the caddy of the vicar, both of them looking ahead, said, "Vicar, does that man think he is Jesus Christ or something?"
        The vicar replied, "No, he keeps thinking he's Tony Jacklin."



Adrian Worsfold

Pluralist - Liberal and Thoughtful