God's Email

Everyone is joining the electronic age, even God. If God had recited the Qur'an to Muhammad today, he might have made things easier with the Angel Gabriel (Jibril) using email.

Anyway, God decided to send the Angel Michael to see how well the human species was doing. Michael returned to tell God that the humanity on earth was 95% bad and only 5% good. God thought that this lack of progress needed confirming. So he asked the Angel Gabriel to check this. Gabriel did his research and found no option but to accept the original finding.

God, being a sort of positive supreme being, decided to praise and motivate the five per cent, to keep up the good work and faithfulness. God instructed Gabriel to send an email to the five per cent to give them encouragement.

Do you know what it said? I didn't get one. Did you?


Adrian Worsfold

Pluralist - Liberal and Thoughtful