Duck Methodology

Around where we live we have clay pits, old brick workings now filled with water and act as bird sanctuaries. We get all sorts of birds, including ducks. We also get serious researchers (as well as ordinary birders). One chap, Tiff Newman, comes here and has been doing work on the lesser spotted grosse duck (German varieties). They have letters for the different duck subtypes, and are trying to relate them all back to a single ancestor (good solid Darwinian science). The D subtype is the subject of research according to the specific theory that it comes from A and then the source. The N subtype is being counted for its markings to see what they suggest. So I said to him how interesting this is, that he is employing two methods. I said, looking with him, "That is N duck Tiff, and that is D duck Tiff," and he agreed.