Why she started an affair

A man discovered from colleagues at work that his wife was seen with a man in town on a number of occasions. So he decided to confront his wife about whether she was having an affair when he finally returned home. "Yes," she said, and so he insisted that she told him about it. It had lasted three months so far. It happened because, she said, he was so focussed upon his job and neglected everything else.

One day a man came for items to go in the charity shop and asked if there was anything they ever did not use. She had told him yes, and presented the man with all kinds of clothes that her husband never wore because he was always attired in business dress and a few baggy old clothes when home. She went to get them, a huge pile, telling the man that her husband never used these because he was so attached to his job.

Sensing this call might be a very good haul the man from the charity shop said he'd just take the clothes to the van and then return to the door. Once back he said he was very grateful for all these clothes and then asked if there was anything perhaps beyond clothes that the man of the house did not use, perhaps in the way of discontinued hobbies. She said well he never does anything to the house, so she went and returned with his toolbox to give to the man. He would not miss these, she said, which was obviously true as nothing had been said, she told her husband. The charity man had been very pleased, and sensing more was possible asked, "Is there anything else that your husband does not use?" And this was when the affair started.