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Zardusht asked Ohrmazd: "From where shall the body be reassembled which the wind has blown away, and the water carried off? And how shall the resurrection take place?"

Ohrmazd answered: "When I created the sky without pillars...; and when I created the earth which bears all physical life...; and when I set in motion the sun and moon and stars...; and when I created corn, that it might be scattered in the earth and grow again, giving back increase... and when I created and protected the child in the mother»s womb...; and when I created the cloud, which bears water for the world and rains it down where it chooses; and when I created the wind... which blows as it pleases - then the creation of each one of these was more difficult for me than the raising of the dead. For... consider, if I made that which was not, why cannot I make again that which was?"

"First the bones of Gayomard will be raised up, and then those of Mashya and Mashyanag, and then those of other people. In fifty seven years the Soshyant will raise up all the dead. And all humankind will rise, whether just or wicked. Then the assembly of Isadvastar will take place. In the assembly, everyone will behold their own good or bad deeds, and the just will stand out among the wicked like white sheep among black. Fire and the yazad Airyaman will melt the metal in the hills and mountains, and it will be upon the earth like a river. Then all people will be caused to pass through that molten metal... And for those who are just it will seem as if they are walking through warm milk; and for the wicked it will seem as if they are walking in the flesh through molten metal. And thereafter people will come together with the greatest affection.... Orhmazd himself will come to the world as celebrating priest... the Evil Spirit, helpless and with his power destroyed, will rush back to the shadowy darkness through the way by which he had entered. And the molten metal will flow into hell; and the stench and filth in the earth, where hell was, will be burnt by that metal and become clean. The gap through which the Evil Spirit had entered will be closed by that metal. The hell within the earth will be brought up again to the world»s surface, and there will be Frashegird in the wind."

(Boyce, M. (1984), Textual Sources for the Study of Zoroastrianism, MUP, 52-53)