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Responses: Tomorrow

Tomorrow's World will ask much of us; tomorrow's paths are unexplored. We have no maps of future time, and there are few signposts.

Tomorrow we shall travel in a strange, new place, where none has ever been before. Tomorrow waits for pioneers.

And we expect much of tomorrow. We ask for a new world, happy and glad, a world free from hunger and war;

Where human life is held sacred, and none shall be cold or miserable.

The kind of world that we shall see tomorrow - what shall it be like?

It shall be like the men and women who shall live tomorrow. It will be like us; for we are the people of tomorrow.

In tomorrow's unknown world adventurous people will be needed, brave and strong to forge a better life;

People warm in heart, who will hear every cry, who will let none go hungry;

Who will reject all violence, who will not tolerate injustice, whose love will reach across streets and continents; people who will care.

We are the people of tomorrow; and tomorrow can be happy only if we are happy; only if we ourselves are strong to uphold goodness and mercy; only if we care.

The map of the future is in our own hearts; we are the signposts of the future way.

Let us live as we would have tomorrow be.

(Words of Worship, number 245, 'As We Would Have Tomorrow Be')