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Responses: Love everlasting

God is thy dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.

Now abideth faith, hope, love, these three: and the greatest of these is love.

Herein supremely is God incarnated in us all as Love, quickened in all sentient beings, through the gathering of life in its purity and goodness: of love, joy and peace.

This we seek now to realise, in the quietness of our coming together, Love and God, come the presence of the holiest with us here, enfolding, sustaining, searching the heart; Love in all and over all, in whose will is our peace; Love incarnated in the fellowship of prophets and followers, and in all those who are of like spirit and seeking the same true way of life.

In the quietness of trust and self-reflection we wait for the revealing, the kindling of the light within, the deep assurance of Love.

So let us seek now to listen to the voice of Love, speaking to us...

In the quiet places of the earth, given us as home; in the paths of peace:

We listen to the voice of Love.

In the simplicity behind the complexity of life; in green pastures and beside still waters, in the flowers, marvellous each one and perfect beauty; among the mountains; in the mystery of the silent night, the glory of the stars, the expanse of the heavens:

We listen to the voice of Love.

In faces of young and old; in the quiet confidence of friendship and all true human sympathies, in all sentient beings.

We listen to the voice of Love:

In such a covenant as we are seeking here; in the perfect confidence and restfulness of the home love.

We listen to the voice of Love:

In the silent steadfastness of those who love and serve truth, who glory in the strength of righteousness and are ready to suffer for it, in the love which endures through suffering - even in the darkness - assured that it cannot fail; in loyalty, faithful unto death.

We listen to the voice of Love:

And at the last, in the silence of death, when we see the face of God on the face of the one we love; that silence into which all pass, but where love triumphs beyond our transcience of life and death.

We listen to the voice of Love.

(Derived from 'An Act of Communion' in Orders of Worship (1932), 142-3)