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Responses: Generations

We raise up in our hearts and minds all who have gone before. Known and unknown, celebrated or unrecognised, who tried to be free in their faith, honest in their words and deeds, and fought a good fight against the barriers that separate us, the prejudices that mock us.

We honour in our hearts all those of our household of faith who have gone on before and all good women and men everywhere. May they inspire us and move us.

We recognise that we have not always done as we should have, and left undone some of the things we should have completed. But there is goodness in us; for we try, in our time, to do what is right.

May we strive for ourselves and our community to deepen insight and raise consciousness of our condition and so further the ends of justice, truth and compassion in our world.

May the mystery of our Universe with which we are surrounded, never be smeared or smothered. From reverence we draw strength to do what we can to further the good causes of Creation.

May we never lose our wonder and awe and rise up to welcome life.

Let us, now in silence, turn to our own special concerns; to turn to those whom we love, and towards those who need our love.


What is essential is never to allow the limitations of time and the erosion of our memories to deaden the longing of the heart in its morning demand for love.

The Responsive Litany at the 1986 General Assembly Annual Service