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Readings: Worship

When someone enters the world of worship, they enter a world which has many of the characteristics of an artistic creation. Much crude and unedifying controversy would die away, were this fact commonly admitted: and the poetry and music which enter so largely into expressive worship were recognised as as indications of its essential character. The true Object of our worship cannot be directly apprehended by us. "No one hath seen God at any time". The representative pattern, the suggestive symbol, the imaginative projection too - all these must be called into play and their limitations humbly accepted if the limited creature is to enter into communion with the Holy and so develop his capacity for adoring love. (E. Underhill, Worship, 1937, p. 29, degenderised).

We worship pious zeals, energies, docilities, obediences; with these Good Recompense, Good Prosperity, Good Abundance, Good Satisfaction, Good bounty.
(from Yasna Haptanhaiti 38, Zoroastrian faith)

Those beings, male and female, whom Lord Mazda knows the best for worship according to truth, we worship them all.
(Yenhe Hatam, fourth great prayer, Zoroastrian faith)