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Readings: Russia

In Russia here is an arrogant and silly Prince Azov who likes to show off. So with a party three weeks away he tells Kropotkin the astronomer that he wants to show his guests the butterflies that dance around the moon, and reminds him that his large familiy needs the fifty roubles a year he is paid. The protests of Kropotkin that the moon is dead do not work. Kropotkin is very worried. All the family is worried but the daughter Natalya begins to do something about it. At night she gets up and spends a few hours at work without telling anyone what she is doing, and the day before the party she takes what she has done up to the castle tower where the telescope was put. The villagers by now know and are waiting to see Kropotkin get into serious trouble from the prince. Kroprotkin is worried when the prince looks through the telescope at the moon but he sees butterflies. The guests are shown and he is very happy. But then the wind catches the telescope and the coloured paper butterflies attached to thread come off. Well the guests start to laugh and think it ingenious, and then the prince laughs too. Later he thanks Kropotkin for a happy party and the astronomer thanks his daughter Natalya for her imagination and work.