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Readings: Goddess

In the image of the Mother Goddess - ancient and powerful - women of olden times found the reflection of their own deepest feminine nature... Today the goddess is no longer worshipped. Her shrines are lost in the dusts of ages while her statues line the walls of museums. But the law or power of which she was the personification is unabated in its strength and life giving potency. It is we who have changed. We have given our allegiance to exclusively masculine forces. Today, however, the ancient feminine principle is reasserting its and women are turning once again towards the Moon Mother, not, however, through a religious cult...but through a change in psychological attitude. For that principle, which in ancient and more naive days was projected into the form of a goddess, is no longer seen in the guise of a religious tenet but is now sensed as a psychological force arising from the unconscious, having, as had the Magna Dea of old, power to mould the destinies of mankind.

(M. Esther Harding (f.p. in German in 1949, trans. 1955., 1982), Women's Mysteries Ancient and Modern, p. 241)