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Readings: Fishes

In a village not far from the sea lived a boy who no one was friendly with because he had no name and no mother and father. But he sold lots of fish at the market, and always caught more than the other villagers. He had a secret green fishing stone which he placed into the river. Fish would come to it, stare and not notice as they were taken out. Well, later the boy thought that if he went to the sea he would getter bigger fish and people would be friendly. So he set off and put the stone just under the waves. Slowly out came a fish bigger than ever, swept up the boy and took him on its back into the water. The boy realised he could breathe and down and down they went until the fish took him between two pillars into a temple with mosaics. And at the front was an image of the fish god, with its eye missing. So the fishing stone was placed in the space so that the god could see again, allowing the magic of all magics to begin, and as the boy turned around his mother and father appeared who took him off to his new home under the sea.