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Prayers: Working


We hear the world at work, the thought of mind and the craft of hand.

Those in schools and colleges, in all places of learning and training where the mind and hand is there to analyse and solve problems.

Those in the offices, by computer screens, looking, typing in, recalling from the memories of computer discs the information of action.

Those in plants with robots and high technology producing goods of uniform shape and high precision.

Those in shops, passing goods over the barcodes, shifting the quantities of living.

Those in the small places, with small tools and small sales.

Those in the home with the gadgets of doing and living.

Here is the world of work, buzzing all around. But it is not open to everyone. For all around the glitz of success is the reality of poverty, those without money and those on the outside. The celebration of work is also matched with the thought of those now without work, those now with low consumption, those in debt, those on the edge.