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Prayers: Prophets


How lovely are the messengers, O lands of time: my soul has a desire and longing for their words.
Many prophets come forward in every age: and their truths do run swiftly to the ends of the earth.
The pure in heart have felt their calls: And the lowly have found them near at hand.
They tell of all loving kindness: from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same they keep not silence:
Publishing peace up on the mountains: and bringing good tidings of great joy:
So they are blessed forever: and in their will is our peace.
They show the everlasting fountain of life: and they that drink there shall thirst no more:
Light of our seeing and soul of our souls: within all spirits and within all worlds:
Who illustrate the heavens as the highest of the earth: and gladden the eyes of the living with the being of all holiness:
That the children of all may behold such glory: and see the wonders of the great deeps.

(Based on Psalms and Canticles for Public Worship, London: Lindsey press, 1927, No. 41)