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Prayers: Dark days


Darkness falls over the face of the abyss, as it covers the earth night after night. It gives an eerie silence and movement ceases all around us. Night with night contains its own knowledge, its own dark secrets.

Yet following the dark is dawn and light comes. The light will rise. The people of the darkness have seen a great light. The light is the great energy, the movement of the day. The light is a giver of life to all and expands knowledge.

The earth hurtles through space as it turns, and everywhere there is day and everywhere there is night. Everywhere there are people sleeping and waking, animals active and rested, all dying and being born: everywhere one creation and one humanity.


We are met together as members in one family of faith. Let us dismiss from within us every thought and deed that hinders the unity of one family. We are here in humble confidence at the throne of grace, to become able to return to our homes refreshed and strengthened for the work of life.

Bring our lives to godlike harmony and order what is distorted;
Hear and follow the voice of the true path through all our discords and confusion:

Bring our thoughts to mindfulness, (Light a candle),
Raise consciousness to the heights of love. (Light a candle)
Walk humbly. (Light a candle)
Do faithful service, (Light a candle)
Find strength and find peace. (Light a candle)

In purity there would be no darkness and no light
But our lives have darkness and light
In our mediations:
See the small light
See the eternal light
See the flame that never dims
In that flame is the brightest light - it never dims
And its light and its heat radiate ever outward
It will fill all it reaches
Going on ever outward
Engulfing all around it