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Liturgy: Incense


Upon this day in radiant power
In this church we worship
And welcome all who enter here.

Blessed be those within this place
Cleansing heart and mind,

We must covenant for the truth,
We must only speak the truth,
We must only hear the truth.

Here we search for the way,
Here we search for power,
Here we search for worthiness.

The power and glory of the aim of our worship is symbolised
In the ascent of incense
Here Lit.

Light the incense.

This is a symbol of power and glory. Blessed be!


In this church we are blessed!
Happy should we be in this church!
Every soul speaks aloud in this church.

That which would come in clouds of glory would come in power.
This to which every souls speaks
Is symbolised by the rising of the incense.

Light the incense.

This rising perfume into the air is like our souls rising into holy ether. It is the symbol of the holy spread all around.

Rise odours sweet from incense uninflam'd?
Devotion, when lukewarm, is undevout;
But when it glows, its heat is struck to heaven!


Light the incense.

And now it glows, its heat is struck to heaven indeed!