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Liturgy: Good times


To the good times which have gone,
And the good ones yet to come,
Blessed be!

To the beauty of autumn
And the good friends we treasure.
Blessed be!

To the Goddess in nature and ourselves,
Let this bring peace in the world.
Blessed be!

After A Book of Pagan Rituals, 1978, p. 41.


Let us:
Do the right thing;
Keep our bodies in health and strength;
Keep our wilder impulses under control;
Everywhere in all things be temperate, clean and pure.

Also let us:
Be true in thought;
Just in judging;
Considerate in speech.

And further let us:
Be honest, truthful and upright;
Be diligent and faithful in what we do;
Work in simplicity;
Labour in things that are honourable, just, lovely and of good report.

And so let us:
Rule over our excess of spirit;
Bear with each others' affirmities;
Live in charity towards all;
Endeavour to be of service to others.
Seek to overcome evil with good
And do our part to redeem the world from sin, pain and sorrow.

So love the right thing;
Desire only the best;
Fix our hearts where true joys are to be found.

Revised from the original Orders of Worship, 20