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Liturgy: Contemplation


In our God and in our non-God,
And in time we may find an identity in all things.
Our doctrines and our beliefs cease to be our doctrines and beliefs,
Our attachments are lost,
Our losses become our gains,
And we may find harmony through an identity with all things.


O God, we remember the ride of Jesus upon a donkey,
who in love for others,
gave his flesh and suffered death,
Let us follow the example of his humility,
and of all those who walk in the way of danger and death,
to live a higher calling through and beyond.


O God of peace and concord,
Let us find our way to peace,
To meet our enemies and make them our friends.

We give thanks that we have come to the beginning of this day.
Let us not run into danger or misdoings, but be guided by righteousness.


Let us contemplate that
The church we attend
Should be free and varied in worship,
Should be warm in fellowship,
Should be progressive in education,
Should be active in outreach;
And that these activities
Are to bring out the best in all of us
To serve one another within these walls
And those beyond
To affirm the diversities of the human condition.


Let us contemplate that
Like the seasons
The music of life is its regularity and repetition
And like our development
the creativity of life is in irregularity and change
So let us celebrate our origins and times in repetition
And our creative uniqueness in difference.


Let us contemplate that our environment and our heritage
And the people within them
Call for true toleration
For true history
For the true story
That links male and female
Into one co-operation.

Let us contemplate that
Peace and concord gives rise to the knowledge of perfect freedom.
That is our defence against enemies
And right action defends us from our adversaries
Carried out in trust.


Let us contemplate that
As we are present here at the beginning of this day
We know have a power to overcome sin and avoid danger
And all our doings may be ordered by proper governance
In the glory of humanity.


Let us contemplate that
Here we have the heavens and the earth
With the people as the guardians.
Let us learn reverence for life
And work with the creative spirit
Of Life all around us.

Let us contemplate the ideal of God
And let us purify ourselves accordingly
So that we can create great power and glory
In the image of the God we each know.


Let us contemplate that
In the story Abraham faithfully obeyed the call of God.
He rejoiced that all earth»s families should be blessed.
Let us have a faith like his
So that we follow the calls of living and feel blessed.

Let us contemplate that
In the story Moses led the people from slavery.
Let us leave our sense of slavery
Freed from the tyrrany of wrongdoing
And make our way to the promised land.

Let us contemplate that
the charioteer Krishna gave words of wisdom
In the midst of the war of life
To the conscience burden
On ethics, truth and practice.
And so let us with humble heart
Hear the advice of the knowing
to show love and understanding
And give practice towards the source.

Let us contemplate that
The prophets have shown us the way
To be willful and purposeful.
Let us be inspired by the faithful witness of the few,
And march ahead in redeemed salvation.


Let us contemplate that
The scriptures of the world»s religions
Have been written, read, heard and digested
And let us take their words of patience, comfort and hope,
As the way to build new life.


Let us contemplate that
We are created with the image of godliness within;
Let us be guided so that as divinity is in humanity
Our humanity may become like divinity.

Let us contemplate that
The story of the star shining over Bethlehem
All about guidance - love and peace amongst all
Is a story to be a guide now
That we all live under the light
To lighten all of us
And all nations upon earth.

Let us contemplate that
The world around us is like signs and miracles
Full of wonder.
We too are miraculous, wonderful and a sign of the great.
Let us use this recognition as hope
To be saved and derive power out of weakness.


Let us contemplate
The wide and knowledgable work of Servetus
Who promoted the cause of reasoned belief with vigour and passion
And who was thrown in prison and burnt alive.
We honour the work of the father of faith
And dedicate ourselves to follow in the way
Of faith and religion
Witnessing and serving the truth.

Let us contemplate
The work of Socinus
Who promoted the cause of the religion of example with vigour
Whose followers had to leave their land
But took their influence with them.
We learn that in all our wanderings
We have influence;
And we dedicate ourselves to the spread of
Religion, reason and tolerance.

Let us contemplate
The work of David
The Catholic who became a Lutheran, a Calvinist and then a Unitarian.
He debated with skill and was imprisoned until he died.
We learn the power of speech
To be used with evangelistic effect
With the spirit to think and do what is right;
And we dedicate ourselves to the spread of
Good words, skill and liberty.


Let us contemplate that
We all come under authority, and we all have authority.
Our wish is that all in political and industrial power
Use their positions wisely
Not to exploit or cause war
So that peoples and nations may come together in love.


Let us contemplate that
The greatest is charity.
Love is at the heart of all things of good.
We resolve ourselves to loving all with a full heart
So to be of good effect
All around and with all others.

Let us contemplate that
The fire of love
Is a burning and shining light
To us all.
We dedicate ourselves to inflame the spirit
Of the children of light.


Let us contemplate that
At the heart of the good Church are the saints and the prophets,
The cornerstone of the building.
Let us be placed close around the cornerstone
In the unity of their spirit:
The holy temple, the house of worship and mystical body
Continuing in its witness in its building that is us.


Let us contemplate that
We all have our 40 days in the wilderness
Often for more than 40 days.
We are tempted and brought to trial.
So let us dedicate ourselves
To seek grace and discipline ourselves,
Put to death evil desires
And pass out to joyful resurrection.


Let us contemplate that
Strength, power, and might,
Is found in knowing and acting out
the service of others
Especially for the considered least amongst us.
And so let us resolve that we will find real
Strength, power and might
Through the right ordering of our lives
In love, peace and hope.


Let us contemplate that
True faith can be found
In confession and finding grace.
So let us find true faith
And move on the path to glory and unity.


Let us contemplate that
The flame or truth and the cup of the covenant
Are symbols of the light of the world.
So we pray for truth, religion, reason and tolerance,
And dedicate ourselves to live in the cup of the covenant
And the flame of divine spirit
To the glory of the faith and liberty of all.