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Liturgy: Buddhist-Pagan


Drink and refresh
Purity and cleansing
a giver of life

Pour the water at the west.

The ground to take root
Fertile and rich.
Giving forth life

Pour the earth at the north.

Mother of all living
Give out your store of wondrous things
From cycle to cycle, through time and through space
The land is made rich and continues apace.

In reverence, we offer flowers
Flowers today are fresh and blooming
Flowers tomorrow are are faded and fallen
All things and we too shall pass away
But let us celebrate the fresh as it is
For the moment.

The flowers are distributed.

In reverence, we offer light
A Bodhi light shines within our hearts
And we shine the light outward
Like a beacon of love and concern

Light the candle.

In reverence, we offer incense
Incense that fills the air with its fragrance
Spreading through in all directions
Like our love directed throughout the world

Light the incense.