Hull Unitarian Church Service, 6 January 2002

Chalice Lighting Modernised Prayer of Jesus

Hymn - 137 We shall be Strong and Free

Collect Collect for Epiphany
Some Precepts Intercession


Offertory Notices

Hymn - 36 Star Born

Readings with candle lightings
[Numbers 25. within 15-within 17]. [Isaiah 60.1-6] [Matthew 2.10-12] [Extracts from Gregory, D. (1978), Ideology, Science and Human Geography, 91-93]

Hymn - 146 'Tis the Gift to be Simple

Sermon: Covering themes of semiotics (language) and reality, the "binary" theology of the gift, The Wicker Man film's insights and the basis of a contemporary poststructural communion.

Hymn - 134 Faith of the Larger Liberty

Words of Encouragement Sursum Corda - say:
We raise our hearts and spirits!
We lift them high!
Let us give thanks for what is possible:
It is meet and right to do so.
Preface Sanctus
Prayer of Humble Access (Winter) Prayer of Consecration Commitment to renewal - say three times: We come now, all of us, committed to a renewed direction.
Communion [Bread and water are taken in silence by those who wish to partake.]
Thanksgiving and Gloria

Hymn - 209 Wonders Still the World Shall Witness

Closing Words