New Holland Craft

I met Pete Rogers and Alex Hallowes when they opened Xceptional Designs for one for the Insight open days on July 20th 2003. It was just by chance when I followed the signs. Insight is the opening of artists in North Lincolnshire, to meet the public, and inlcudes such places as the Ropewalk in Barton where a number of artists are based.
Hissing Cyd
A house nesting just off the Humber Bank near New Holland is a local craft design and small production centre for metal and ceramic work. This is Welban House where the surfaced track goes to west of New Holland along the riverside public footpath.
As well as doing their own work, the people behind Xceptional Designs manage community based arts projects which involve local people in the process (design, making) and have a practical and useful outcome. In their work Alex Hallowes specialises in metal, ceramics and photography and Pete Rogers focusses on design to making steel artefacts large and smaller.
The New Holland Millennium Garden fencing involved them, the local community and the infant school. Panels of the school fence had designs from the local community which face out towards the bypass. The New Holland Black Dog, a friendly dog that chases away the bad, became an artefact in the school grounds produced by Xceptional Designs.
Squareone makes connections between local people, funding and the craftspeople to achieve community involvement and practical outcomes.
To see more visit the Xceptional Designs website.


Adrian Worsfold