Cleethorpes constituency, which skirts around Great Grimsby (whose MP is Austin Mitchell, Labour).

Shona McIsaac, Labour MP, elected for the first time in 1997, replacing Michael Brown, Conservative (now a columnist for The Independent newspaper), and in 2001 and then in 2005.
From 1997 this Labour MP has been a loyal backbencher of the government, voting with it on the most controversial of bills, and developed a speciality on anti-social behaviour and its legislation. She works hard on constituency business and making representations; she has been one of the quite MPs in terms of House of Commons performance and does not come across well on television.
General Election Result 2005
McIsaac Labour 18,889 -6.3%
Vickers Conservative 16,247 +1.0%
Lowis Liberal Democrat 6,437 +2.8%
Hardie UKIP 2,016 +2.5%
Turnout 61.6% Labour majority 6.1%
In 2005 a large Liberal Democrat swing would have seen this seat transfer from Labour to Conservative, all else being equal, but this is not a developed Liberal Democrat seat. The rise in its vote has put the Conservatives a closer second. I took the view, voting for my first choice this time, that this was a possible Conservative gain, but that even with little or no rise in their vote the Conservatives were bound to gain nationally. I voted Labour in 1997 and 2001, but could not any longer and wanted to vote for my first choice.


Adrian Worsfold

Pluralist - Liberal and Thoughtful

The meaning of Liberal here is an overall philosophy of individualism and social conscience with educational enquiry. It ties in with liberal approaches to politics and religion, and is why I have been an economic liberal in my later teens and early twenties and became a social liberal soon after. I have not joined any political party.