New Holland is situated south of Hull from the south bank of the River Humber.

Approximately 900 people lived there in 2010.

Hull, Scunthorpe and Grimsby are each 30 minutes away.

Going to Hull means paying the Humber Bridge fee both ways.

New Holland no longer has a ferry service but the railway tracks still go to the pier (presumably as a long-term back-up) as well as to Barton.

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Manchester Square is 3 sides of once railway terrace houses. I used to live in Manchester Square.

Many are double cottages.

The house (shown) has the two white doors at each end.

In July 1999 we had double glazing, a new door (left) and a false door (right) fitted at the front. The lights helped us walk up the length of the green. There were the same power lights at the back of the house, moved down a little in 2007. I moved out in 2010.
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