New Holland and Barrow Haven Clay Pits

New Holland and Barrow Haven Clay Pits are part of a five mile stretch of land on the south bank side of the Humber of old clay workings now flooded, farmland and some industry through to Barton . With most alluvial clays used, the tiles, bricks and clay products industries have been in the main replaced by the fresh water marsh with their open waters, reed beds, surrounding grass and scrub. The majority of pits are Sites of Special Scientific Interest. They cater for angling, rambling, water sports, camping (Barton) and caravanning (Barton). The pits do not have slipways for casual boat launching into the River Humber.

The maps show the pits in the Barrow Haven and New Holland areas. The public footpaths penetrate woodyards in both New Holland and Barrow Haven - walk right through and mind the moving vehicles.



Fairfields Pit reserve has a surrounding footpath as well as the River Humber pathway passing by. There is a car park for the pit or for viewing ships on the Humber or the sunset (best in October). Some birds are there all year round and others visit.

New Holland Water Ski Club is off Oxmarsh Lane, New Holland, tel. 01469 530460.



Humber Bridge Water Ski Club is at Club House, West Marsh lane, Barrow-upon-Humber, tel. 01469 530018

Berthing facilities are at Barrow Haven, tel. 01469 531440 (day) or 530667 (evening), and lifting facilities exist for craft up to six tons.

I like a cycle ride which takes me westwards olong the River Humber bank, through the woodyard at Barrow Haven, then south up to the road back, eastwards along that road and across the bypass (B1026), coming through to the centre of New Holland and then north back up to Manchester Square.

In Barton, off Far Ings road can be found Far Ings Visitor Centre with circular walks, hides and toilets. Tel. 01652 634507, Westfield Lakes with hotel, fishery, camping and caravans, the Outdoor Pursuits Centre with 2 public observation hides, the members only reserve of the Lincolnshire Trust and the William Blythe Far Ings Tile Works. Down Waterside Road is the Humber Bridge viewing area with car park, toilets, the Old Boat House, the Clay Pits Information Centre with many walks, children's play area and picnic tables.