Some Details of Bowlalley Lane Chapel

The Bowlalley Lane octagonal-shaped Unitarian Chapel, erected in 1803, ceased to have its intended function in 1881. In the early years of the twentieth century it held the Library of the Law Society and this body gave space to hold the Library of the Chartered Accountants Students Society.

(The father of Roger Strachan was Librarian of the latter in the first decade of the twentieth century. His mother and father, Roger Strachan's paternal grandparents, were the last couple to be married in that chapel in 1881.)

The entrance of the building was on the side of the hexameter facing Bowlalley Lane, with a door in the centre. The gallery of the chapel (where the choir sang) was taken down to make the whole a two-storey building.

The building was demolished when the Post Office started using motor vans and wanted to expand the yard space.


Adrian Worsfold