Sociology AS: Assignment One 

 Handed in to Angie Smith 

 on printed paper 

 on Friday! 

What's In A Name?

You should by now have learned what is meant by the terms sociological imagination and sociological consciousness. Now you have to try to use them.
Malcolm X had the 'private trouble' of accepting the name of a slavemaster when it was clearly linked to the 'public issue' of the evils of slavery. Another issue is the wider implications of women changing their names when they marry. This is peeling back the layers and looking beyond the obvious: sociological imagination and sociological consciousness. Use these to examine your own name: all your names or just your first or last name.
  • What are the name's origins?
  • Who chose it?
  • Has it any cultural background?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • Would you change it? Why?
  • Would you want your children to share your name? Why?
Consider these and other issues and write an analysis of your name.
  • One side of A4
  • A drawing or photograph of you or your family would be useful
  • Develop your ICT skills
    • (Could this go towards a Key Skills assessment?)
Enjoy this assignment and begin to think like a sociologist. Please ask for assistance.
Suggestion today:

  • Use the Internet and a search engine to search information on your name
  • Use Word processing to produce the one side assignment
  • Save to add a scanned or drawn picture later
  • (Or do a drawing now)

What is in my name?